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  1. Kyonko802

    Will this work for stat progression outside of battle?

    Okay, I'm using Andar and Evgenij's Ability System script for skill acquisition in my game. The player has to go to a trainer to spend the skill points they get on getting skills and growing their stats. I don't want stat progression to come from leveling up. My question is thus. If I...
  2. Kyonko802

    Action Battle Script: Getting the Enemy to Attack

    I'm new to scripting and making an action battle system so I'm probably gonna be in here a lot. I have the shell set up for the player character attacking and doing damage and all that, but I'm sure I'll run into a problem with that later because I barely know what I'm doing. But hell, I can...
  3. Kyonko802


    I'm Kyonko. When I was young and stupid and didn't know how to work hard for anything I dabbled in RPG Maker trying to make a dumb fan game. When I couldn't wrap my head around the programming language, or even making semi-complicated events, I wisely let the project fall to the wayside. I...

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