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  1. Timandmoor

    Timandmoor - music and sounds for awesome games!

    Timandmoor is a team of passionate sound-addicted professionals from Moscow. Currently we are expanding our portfolio and can offer free soundtracks for interesting and catchy games. We do our best to add some sonic magic to your games. All soundtracks are carefully polished to perfectly fit...

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//Sees it's the same price at Best Buy for a new SSD as Amazon
//Sees it's 103F outside and Best Buy is half a hour of driving.
//Orders from Amazon.
I'll wait the 2-3 days. :LZSwink:
Just a little teaser screenshot of Mountain Village...

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Zeno Remake's English Release, & A Text Editor That Lets Us Type Anywhere | RPG Maker News #76

Make a Game in RMMZ Streams are going to remain in hiatus this week. Too much to do! 4 things will be announced on Monday though! Look forward to that.
Typed a long-ish reply to a post... forgot to actually HIT the post button, and moved to a different page.... finally noticed, don't remember what all I had typed and don't feel like trying to re-type it all.... smh....

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