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  1. Barthdry

    What is the Limit of the Spritesheet resolution and why it is causing a bug

    I am making my game in which a character drives a car. So i used the character and also set the tileset well. Also then i play tested the game and game is going on well without any overlapping. But then i added a feature like when the player presses a action button near a garage he will turn...
  2. Barthdry

    What are the Other Change Text Function in RPGXP

    Sorry if the Question is bad or lame but i don't know all the functions in the Change Text Option. Also i am improving my skills with one of the complex rpgxp game pokemon essential. So i seen in the first startup of the change text option something like <ac>\c[8]\l[3](Please refer to...
  3. Barthdry

    How to Connect the Maps Properly using the Transfer Bug Created

    I am Asking About RPGXP. I know how to connect the maps but i encountered a bug i don't know how to fix it. I don't know whether you guys understand me properly or not. But Wait i will say it properly step by step. I need to make two places where i can transfer from map1 to map2. But that two...
  4. Barthdry

    RPGXP Unencrypted/ Open SourceGames

    I found that there was a Discussion in which they were talking about unencrypted Games but not more than one was mentioned there. Here I will try to find and Post all the links to the games here. If you have any unencrypted rpgxp game post below as we want something to edit or have fun editting...
  5. Barthdry

    Is there any Tileset Setted project that can be used for free

    I want a project that contains setted tileset which doesn't need any rtp. Is there any presetted project. If any please give a link and it should be free to distrubute to internet after modifying
  6. Barthdry

    I am going to buy in steam RPG Maker MV

    Should i give up the ruby programming language for that Should i read a tutorial before transition
  7. Barthdry

    Bug in conditional branch critical error at C0000005 at address 004A6638

    I got a problem even when i tried lots of times when i put conditional branch of gold (Money) and other conditions work like switch, variable and items. Critical error at C0000005 at address 004A6638 and closes
  8. Barthdry

    Where can i get other RPGXP RTP

    1.Where can i get other RTP of rpg maker xp (I searched google but no rtp but only tilesets) But anyway i have only seen RGSS-RTP-Standard 2.How can you make a RTP
  9. Barthdry

    How to Update My RPGXP

    I have 1.02 Version of RPGXP and my Friend have 1.05 when he made a game and give it to me to edit then it is saying that it is older version when i used the notepad technic that was mentioned in a forum discussion. Means i opened rpgxp project with notepad and change version then later when i...
  10. Barthdry

    How to Maker Bonus Option in MainMenu or TitleScreen in RPGXP

    Can anyone give the ruby script and the name of the module or any modification in other scripts required to add bonus option in title
  11. Barthdry

    What are the Rules or App of Making Spritesheet for RPG maker XP

    I have tried to make rpg maker xp to make using Aseprite with only four action. But it doesn't loads it properly it dimension is 128*128. So what app to use for this purpose or how you should do. I was not been able to choose it in event graphics as whole piece. As i am new to RPG maker XP and...

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