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  1. trevers18

    "Wait for SE/ME" Command

    "Wait for SE/ME" Checkbox in SE/ME commands: A small checkbox added to the "Play SE/ME commands" that would say something along the lines of "Wait for completion" that would halt script progression until the SE/ME has finished playing and continue it after it ends. Why is this feature good...
  2. trevers18

    Actor Needs No Class, Yanfly Class Change Not Removing It

    Hi. I'm using Yanfly's Class Change thing to set the player's class to one of their choosing at the beginning of the game. However, I'm also having the player get involved in one battle before that happens. So I gave them a "Non-Fighter" class for the battle, but now, the Non-Fighter class shows...
  3. trevers18

    Compare Multiple Variables, Determine Highest One

    Is there any way to compare multiple variables and determine the highest one? I'm attempting to create a custom battle system using events, and I need to be able to determine attack order based on the actors'/enemies' speeds. Currently, my setup involves a long list of conditional branch...
  4. trevers18

    Item Requirement for Equipment

    Hi. I'm looking for a script that would make a weapon require a specific item before it can be used in battle, and when it's used, the item is consumed by a specified amount. The weapon should be able to be equipped even if the item isn't in the inventory. A similar script is this one, but it's...
  5. trevers18

    Menu Window with Gauges, Facesets

    Basically what I want is a menu command that will allow me to display variables as gauges. The goal is to have this menu page be a relationship meter tracker, showcasing first a faceset image of the character in question, with their relationship gauge beside them and their name above the gauge...
  6. trevers18

    Editing Mini-Status Bar

    Hi. So I'm trying to edit the mini status bar so that it displays one more character of text. This is what it looks like currently. (The bar designs are from a plugin, they're cosmetic so ignore them) As you can see, this is not ideal. Unfortunately, I can't find anything in any of the...
  7. trevers18

    Making a QTE Event

    So, I want to make a sequence in my event in which a player must pass a QTE to avoid damage. (For those not savvy on what a QTE is: you press a button to avoid damage/death/etc.) I have no idea how to do this in a script, but I believe it involves timers and conditional branches. I made the...
  8. trevers18

    Z [13+]

      Inspired by games like Until Dawn and The Walking Dead comes a game about survival in a world infested with zombies. When the world falls to pieces, survival is key. Every decision must be made carefully - one wrong turn can lead to certain demise. You take control of six plucky survivors and...
  9. trevers18

    Button Press Changes Walking Speed + Not Noticing Players

    In my game, I want to have a feature where pressing a button will cause the character to walk slower. It will be used to help avoid attracting enemies (which are just sprites on the map, not troops). What I need is a script that will 1.) lower the walking speed when a button is pressed or held...
  10. trevers18

    Miscolored Attack Animations.

    Honestly, the only thing in Ace I'm bad at is trying to make animations. I recently imported some custom animations, but for some reason, they turned out in a white hue. How exactly am I supposed to fix this?

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