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  1. yoda

    Hate Free Heroes RPG (PC/Mobile)

    Hate Free Heroes is a modern day role playing game that takes the player into the role of an H.F.H agent and researcher dedicated to decreasing the rise of "Aggromites" in the city. Aggromites/Aggromite (definition) [ag-roh-myht] [noun]: A mischievous entity that influence a person's aggression...
  2. yoda

    How do I Fully deploy to Mac OS?

    I have a PC and we are setting our game on steam. I deployed to use for mac os but I don't know what folders to put on steam and what we should make the system point to being there is no .exe file. What needs to be ported over and what do we point to in order for mac users to start their game?
  3. yoda

    Hate Free Heroes: Greenlight Vote Please

    We also have a game already in steam stores that was greenlit by the steam community called: Angels of Fasaria 2.0. Please show support for this game: "Hate Free Heroes" and vote yes for it to get the greenlight. If you have a RPG Maker game you have on greenlight please let me know and I'll...
  4. yoda

    Converting MV Tilesets to 32x32 to fit VX Ace Tilesets

    Is there a plugin to  convert MV to recognize VX Ace Tilesets 32x32 instead of 48x48 so that your former VX Ace Project can fully be transferred over without modifying the images? If there is a plugin, please direct me to a link. If there is not such a pugin, this is a request for one.
  5. yoda

    Steam Achievements Plug-in

    Could a steam integration plugin for steam achievements be added? Achievement 1 = Number of Gold Earned Achievement 2 = Level Earned Achievement 3 = Switch (1) On (select switch) Achievement 4 = Switch (2) On (select switch) etc.. For those who already have their games on steam or...
  6. yoda

    How to traslate content. Is there a good way?

    Is there a plugin that allows all content to be displayed in text boxes and allows adding translated content as needed?
  7. yoda

    Luna Engine Plugin Not Working?

    I have the Luna Engine Plugin and Luna Battle Config installed and on but no changes or data you can modify. Does this work with the YEP Core Engine? How do we get this to work?

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