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  1. mars714

    Trouble with the battle system, M.Atk does nothing

    Okay here's the deal, I have two enemies with identical stats, and skills all have the same formula, with the exception that one is m.atk and other is atk. The players stats are set to the same as enemies. I have many plug ins, mostly Yanfly. I have no idea why only the one using atk works...
  2. mars714

    ManicMars Made Resources

    Hello! I've been useing a few resources I found here so I thought I'd link to my original content! You can find it on the steam DLC store! Here are the previews: The Steam link includes 5 pages of face plates and walking...
  3. mars714

    Time based Event with Image change (not responsive)

    Hello! I'm trying to make a spawnable event that changes its appearance over time. You know, a like the character plants a seed and it grows into a tree or plant. I have Yanfly event spawning and have been able to spawn the event tiles under desired conditions, However I've yet to make the event...
  4. mars714

    Yanfly Event Spawner - Region Spawns ignoring script call?

    Hi. I'm having a bit of trouble with Yanflys event spawner, I'm sure I just need another set of eyes to double check my work, I know this problem has to be because of something I'm doing incomplete. I've already made major improvements of my efforts, Ive had crashes and although its probably...
  5. mars714

    Transfer player to map and run event

    Hello RPG make forums! I've got what I believe to be a simple problem, but its stumped me as I thought the program would run this event when I transfer the player to the map. But it for some reason just puts the player there and ignores this event. You see I have a rathe long event already on...
  6. mars714

    Required Movie Formats

    I'm hoping someone can help me out on this one. I've learned a lot from tutorials on YouTube, but they the user I was watching didn't have anything on Movies. A quick search here shows that I need at least two formats, the main and something called a codec, as well has having the file under the...
  7. mars714

    Skill Menu Empty

    Hello! I recently bought this version of RPG Maker, I've been learning on my own and thought the user manual. However, When I test my demo, the skills are always empty. When I LV up to gain skills, they are still not added. here is a screenshot of the skills page in game. I really don't know...

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