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  1. Neareyn

    RMMZ Knights of the Burrow

    Hey! I'm Neareyn and I'd like to talk about my current project! First of all: I'm a freelancing artist (mainly webdesign, digital art, music, photography... and some more) and the game I'm working on is for the community of a semi-big streamer that I'm currently working for (~150k followers...
  2. Neareyn

    Random Event-Plugin

    Hey! I plan a feature in my game which allows the player to get a random Item in a dungeon. The item will be collectable from a chest and the player can enter the dungeon multiple times to get more items, but never more than one time. But I couldn't figure out how I can randomize the loot and...
  3. Neareyn

    RMMZ Get Actor Image via JavaScript / make the image a circle via JavaScript

    Hello! I'm currently trying to get an Actor Image via JavaScript and then set a radius so it becomes a circle. I wanna use it inside of HUDMakerUltra. I was able to get the actor class with code but I can't figure out how I can get the actor image with it. if($gameParty.allMembers()[0] !=...
  4. Neareyn

    RMMZ Need help with "Lazi_ClassChange"-Plugin

    Hey, I already tried to contact the Plugin Owner with no responds yet (They've been offline in the Forum since december) That's why I'm creating a new topic with the hope to find someone that knows how to work with it. I have problems with the "LearnClasses" Extension, I can't get it to work. I...
  5. Neareyn

    Problem with Enemy Troop Positioning

    Hey, I have a problem with the troop positioning. My game has a resolution of 1920x1080 and I can't change the position of the enemy troops. I was able to change the actor position with a plugin, but couldn't find any for the troops. How can I move them?

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Not about my game project but i feels like to talk about it a bit. :kaohi:

It's my コテキャ and maybe closest thing in english is a "avatar personality" i guess?
Her design also looks very similar to protagonist from my game because i'm so uninspiring :kaoslp:
Oh and my hobby is sleeping and drawing. :kaojoy:
Okay, so it seems I've found a major bug in VNM. Check my thread about variable buttons in the support forum for more info.
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