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  1. Visual Novel Quesitions

    Hi guys. I've got a question about a visual novel I'm trying to create. How do I make it so either. a picture is on the map (so I can switch maps) or how to show pictures on the screen (the Show Picture event lags behind a bit and I feel like it will become clustered if I do it all in one...
  2. why is Damage3.png required and how to remove the necessity?

    Hey guys! I am working on my game and I was removing some files I *thought* I didn't need. I guess I deleted Damage3.png because now it says it cannot be read. I still have a copy of the file and when I put it in the characters folder it works again. I just wonder why is it needed and is there...
  3. a random skill the actor isn't supposed to learn yet is in by default

    plugins im using: actor (harold) class (harold) im positive there are no events leading into battle to add a new skill, too..
  4. a random skill the actor isn't supposed to learn yet is in by default

    and I don't know why, really. It doesnt look like its in the class (Its learned by lvl 7) and i dont think theres anything in events or the skill itself. any ideas?
  5. changing event picture?

    how can i change the event image within the event? thank you
  6. Skin colour

    could you use the wand tool in gimp/photoshop/
  7. mods delete this post

    delete this, mods xd
  8. help with physical attacks

    nvm I found it now (thanks for quick response, though) i was looking in the wrong tab. but thanks for all the help you've been  :D
  9. help with physical attacks

    okay, it works now. thank you so much! on another note, can you add custom skill types?
  10. help with physical attacks

    my default skill is called "Attack" and when the actor reaches lvl 2 he learns "Double Attack" but I don't see how i can make the actor use double attack when it is learned. i know this is a bit of a stupid question but still i would like to know. thanks!
  11. possible to make a world map

    is it possible to make a world map? (not exactly but) kind of like the original super mario bros on the nes. maybe theres a plugin or just simple events can do it. thanks!
  12. how do i make a map have unlimited tint

    well when you tint a "window" or picture (the display) in mv, you can only set it to an amount of frames. is there a way i can change that to unlimited?
  13. how do i make a map have unlimited tint

    i would like the map to have unlimited tint i know autrorun event but how would i make the tint unlimited?
  14. how do i re-design the auto-connecting tiles?

    i want to make my own tile-sets, but how do i make the auto-connecting tiles (bushes, some floor tiles, etc) different? I still want them to auto-connect. thanks.
  15. iitem when consumed gives permanent max hp bonus

    how do i make an item give a permanent max hp increase (400 hp = consume item = 450 hp)
  16. (plugin for) making an intro video play

    is there a way to make an intro video play? im assuming its a plugin but i might be wrong.
  17. How do I make an event transfer a player to a spot once, and then a diff spot the rest of the time.

    ok, so i thought this worked, but it didn't.. here's what i did:
  18. How do I make an event transfer a player to a spot once, and then a diff spot the rest of the time.

    hi, like my title i was wondering how to transfer a player (in an event) one spot once, and then the rest of the times to a different spot.
  19. how to make a shop

    hi, i would like to make a shop appear after a yes/no choice. any way to do this?
  20. how to make a "monster" pop up in a region

    how do i make an enemy pop up in a region. i can't find anything in the troops or enemies thing in the database, so help?

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