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  1. RMMV Is there a plugin that allows me to move the text in the message boxes?

    I'm using Galv's message busts and Galv's message background and message core from you-know-who, but I need to move the text all the time with spaces to keep it in the frame. Is there a plugin that will do this automatically all the time?
  2. RMMV How do I move and make bigger dialogue portraits?

    Are there any plugins and stuff? I need them to look like this
  3. How can I make a thing that will be called by spell, attack and immediately disappear?

    Sideview battle. Party member casts some spell, a figure appears above his head, plays an animation, effects appear on enemies, then the figure disappears until the next cast of this spell. Basically a Persona if you know what I mean. How do i make something like that? What plugins and stuff do...

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