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  1. Map Effects

    Hmm . . . This is nice, but when I use it it makes my parallaxes mirror invoulontarily whenever I pass a certain x or y coordinate. Really disrupts the immersion.
  2. Parallax jumps around

    Ok, I figured it out, I was using another script that I didn't figure were affecting the parallax. Do I close this now?
  3. Parallax jumps around

    Shaz's answer would make sense, as I have changed the deafult window size to maximum allowed (640x480), but the problem persists even when I have deafult window size and use an included parallax. I am also not using any scripts to lock the parallax in place, no. I am using a couple of screen...
  4. Parallax jumps around

    Hello! So, I've been trying out VX Ace for a while now, and I've even managed to learn a little about how the language works. Anyhow, I ran into a problem while trying to apply a parralax to a room. I added it through map properties just like you would and set it to loop. Then, when I was...

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