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  1. Sugar Rush

    Mac Installation - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Ohhhh I see, 10am PST not EST, that's was my issue.
  2. Sugar Rush

    Mac Installation - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    So, I added the serial key to steam as was described in the email I received. It correctly recognized it and now says Purchased for RPG Maker MV. Where is the option to install it?  Am I missing something?  Screen grabs would help out greatly.
  3. Sugar Rush

    Its the 23rd here

    What's the future like?
  4. Sugar Rush

    Those who pre-ordered this RM engine(MV)

    Bought and own every RPG Maker since XP. Have started probably 20 RPGs, but always lose interest along the way because the amount of work needed would heavily outweigh the potential earnings. With multi-platform capabilities, these worries are gone, and hopefully will see through my first RPG.
  5. Sugar Rush

    iOS export requires a Mac

    For iOS, the newest version of XCode allows you to test drive your apps on your phone before submitting them to the app store.
  6. Sugar Rush

    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    I'm pretty sure you can just do this with events. Like if you hardcode the starting area of monsters on a map and have them walk around randomly you can trigger a battle "on touch".
  7. Sugar Rush

    Which Mac to buy for iOS publishing game

    Go on ebay or craigslist, buy an older macbook pro. I wouldn't go earlier than 2012 and you can probably snag one for $800-$1000 (or trade something on craigslist) without a major performance drop. EDIT: For example...
  8. Sugar Rush

    Grid Size, Resolution, Resources . . . Oh My!

    Thank you all for the replies. So I can change the resolution, just not the grid size. Also, thanks for the guide for image resizing guide, it might come in handy.
  9. Sugar Rush

    Grid Size, Resolution, Resources . . . Oh My!

    Question #1: I have about 1 billion resources at my disposal for 32x32 grid size graphics. Will this grid size be editable? I know that there is no innate way to do it, but if it is at least in the realm of possible, that's fine for me. Question #2: So RMVX resolution was at 544x416 or a 17x13...
  10. Sugar Rush

    iOS export requires a Mac

    You probably can, you just really have to trust them if you are attempting to monetize.
  11. Sugar Rush

    iOS export requires a Mac

      :O  Yup, it's only for Mac, disregard everything I said. It can still be done, just not through non-nefarious means.
  12. Sugar Rush

    What have you planned when MV comes out?

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, hoping something spawns from my messing around.
  13. Sugar Rush

    iOS export requires a Mac

    lol here is the supported vmware page:
  14. Sugar Rush

    Most important/favorite features/improvements in this RM for you?

    Multi Platform Distribution, if this works properly it can finally give people a reason to develop beyond impressing a couple hundred people. The engine is finally reaching the potential of monetizing games for developers.
  15. Sugar Rush

    iOS export requires a Mac

    Think of it like this. To get your app on the app store you need to have a signed app and apple's approval. To get a signed app, there is a special stamp. ONLY mac OS have that stamp. No windows machine can innately have that stamp. To submit the signed app you need a tunnel. The ONLY tunnel...
  16. Sugar Rush

    Export to Windows 10 Phone or windows Store supported

    Adding this feature would probably need many many man hours just to get up and running. The benefit gained from this capability probably wouldn't be enough to make it happen. Apps by App Store: Google Play - 1.6 million Apple Store - 1.5 million Amazon App Store - 400 thousand Windows Store...
  17. Sugar Rush

    iOS export requires a Mac

    I think what was meant was that you can create an .ipa file which is great. It's a fully compiled mac game. In order to get it on the app store you need xcode, which is a mac product, and it is the only way to get the game on the app store. Apple has a proprietary system involving signing apps...
  18. Sugar Rush

    iOS export requires a Mac

    Doesn't unity do that?
  19. Sugar Rush

    Liscensing and Updates

    I just preordered, yay, can't wait. The topic kind of took a turn in a different direction, but the situation I wanted to avoid for myself and other is this: Work on a game (indie or collab) for 2+ years getting into the thousands in man hours, drop hundreds into resource development, only to...
  20. Sugar Rush

    Liscensing and Updates

    Apple releases a new iOS every year. Nearly every yearly update they decide to get rid of or rename several key built in functions or they determine function X or Y to be malicious and you get an auto reject from the apple store. Now you can just keep the current version that you have, but...

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