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  1. [STV] Plugins | STV_BeastBook

    Hello! Well, first of all, I must say I like very much your beastiary plugin. Actually, I liked it so much that I added a few features, but I don't know your terms (is it so?) about it. On any case I write them down here: - Now the enemy skill list doesn't show "duplicated" skills. When you...
  2. Turn based combat with extra actions based on agility

    Well, I'll try to explain myself as best as I can... I want to know if it is possible, through events o plugins, to make the next: - A turn based battle system, for instance RMMV default system. - At the begining of each turn take the agility of every battler (actor and enemy). -...
  3. Hello

    Hello everybody. I'm not good introducing myself but, well, I am NeoJ and I've been in this world since RMXP. I have RMAce and RMMV which is the maker I am currently using, although I haven't made anything serious but a pair of very small projects in Spanish. I've been reading the forums from...

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