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  1. Looking for an Office Tileset (RM MV)

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: I'm using the default spriteset so far so something that looks close to that (guess that's RTP?) Description: I'm looking for an office with cubicles, stickynotes (and/or notepad), copy-machine, stapler (gotta also include a red one for a...
  2. Some questions about Image Tilesets

    Ah okay, I guess (instead of making my own tileset) I'll just break my map into other smaller maps then... Interesting that used to be a feature (wonder if it will return in the future?). Ah I might have messed up the settings somewhere then because I didn't know what the X and O's meant... I...
  3. Hey

    I'm not really good with these types of threads, but I figured I'd make one since I'll probably be more active here (outside of just lurking). Anyway, I'm new to the engine... I bought MV when it was on sale a couple weeks ago (on steam) since over the years I've enjoyed both playing and...
  4. Some questions about Image Tilesets

    Hey, I have a couple questions about the image tilesets. I posted this first question on Reddit, but I figured I'd ask again here... I'm new to the program so I don't fully know how to use it properly, but I wanted to use a certain mix of Tilesets on a map (and I did figure out how to change...

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Edit: Sprites are made by Alexdraws and TheMightyPalm. I just edited them.
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