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  1. RongRong

    RMMZ Preloader plugin for MZ

    Sorry if this has been posted before, as the title says, I need a plugin that preloads the game as I am publishing it for a website like Newgrounds. I know there's one for MV but is there MZ version yet?
  2. RongRong

    RMMZ Removing hp mp & gold numbers

    Hello, sorry if this has been covered before... is there any way to remove the HP/MP & gold stats in the menu screen while still keeping the actor/character picture intact? I have attached a picture to describe of what I am trying to achieve:

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Quite the versatile cast so far :p


Edit: Sprites are made by Alexdraws and TheMightyPalm. I just edited them.
Degica Games Turn Komodo | RPG Maker News #77

Well, rats. Was really looking forward to trying out FPS Creator, but trying to install and set it up was pretty much impossible for my tiny brain to comprehend. So much for that, then.
Ah, home once more! I think I can safely work on my games now.

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