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  1. Kurot

    RMMV Plugin Bug Support: MOG_CharPoses

    Hello everyone, everything good? I need help with a MogHunter plugin that you can download via this link: In this link it is possible to download several plugins, but what is giving me a headache is the MOG_CharPoses plugin. I tried to...
  2. Kurot

    Enable Formation even when I have just one actor

    Well, I came across a situation. By default, whenever there is only one character in the group, the formation option is turned off. What i need is that when opening the menu, the formation option is enabled, even when there is only one character in the group. However, I am using a Himi plugin...
  3. Kurot

    Forbid the character from unequipping weapon in inventory.

    How do I forbid the character from unequipping the weapon he starts in the game and being left with nothing in place? I need that somehow he can only exchange the weapons for other weapons, so that he can never be without anything. Is it possible?
  4. Kurot

    MOG Chrono Engine - move_to_target, make the character walk, insted of jump.

    Hi guys, I'm here again, and humbly requesting someone to help me change the mechanics of the Chrono Engine plugin that has been bothering me. When the character or any enemy attacks, they jump to reach the target. I wonder if it is possible to make him walk instead of jumping when he attacks...
  5. Kurot

    MOG Chrono Engine RMMV - Battle animation/sprite, is it possible?

    My problem is: When you choose a main character and put the name of the file, for example, $zidane.png, all other poses are varied from that name, like $zidane_idle.png, $zidane_damage.png, etc. However, when the battle starts, the plugin uses the same image as the character, $zidane.png to...

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