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  1. Mr.Chris

    FREE Plane Crash Survival Game

    Hello, first off I'd like to say that this is not your typical rpg maker game lol. I am making a plane crash survival game on RPG Maker MV. --------------------------------- STORYLINE (so far) You get to name and create your own character. the game starts out in Alaska and you board a small...
  2. Mr.Chris

    Airplane tileset?

    anyone know of any good Rpg maker MV commercial or private airplane tile sets? Or airplane graphics of any kind? Any help would be much appreciated
  3. Mr.Chris

    Have you ever made DLC for your game?

    I am very interested in doing DLC for my game. But i don't know if its even possible to make dlc for a rpg maker MV game. Anyone have any experience with this? What is the best way to add dlc to my rpg game?
  4. Mr.Chris

    Anyone familiar with Galv fishing mod?

    I am looking for someone who can make a couple changes to the 'Galv fishing' plugin. I would want "Line", "Hook" and "Reel" to be added just like how rod and bait are currently. the 'line" would act like the rod does, where too much stress and the line breaks. the hook would determine if a fish...
  5. Mr.Chris

    Anyone want to make a game?

    I have been using RPG maker for many years and have gotten quite far on several projects only to not finish despite countless hours of work. So I am wondering if there is anyone out there who wants to team up with me and work on a game. It doesn't have to be award winning or overly complicated...

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