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  1. Controller System

    Hello all scripters needed!!! I have been playing so many games lately and most of them have had controller systems meaning you can plug a Xbox 360 controller into a USB port and (not RPG maker games) i was wondering if there is any way that u can enable or disable controller setting therefore...
  2. Phone?

    I can download my game onto my phone but when i click on the exe it says no applications can run this... is there any way to play on my phone?

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Quite the versatile cast so far :p


Edit: Sprites are made by Alexdraws and TheMightyPalm. I just edited them.
Degica Games Turn Komodo | RPG Maker News #77

Well, rats. Was really looking forward to trying out FPS Creator, but trying to install and set it up was pretty much impossible for my tiny brain to comprehend. So much for that, then.
Ah, home once more! I think I can safely work on my games now.

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