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  1. RMMV Tinting certain areas of a sprite

    Yo! Quick question: is there a way to change the .tint of only a section of a Sprite? For example: var IconSet = new Sprite(); IconSet.bitmap = ImageManager.loadSystem('IconSet'); IconSet.tint = 0x666666// Darken this only for one Icon as its clicked; keeping all other Icons with an unchanged...
  2. RMMV Interactive/buttonMode PIXI.Sprite Deadzone

    Yo! Thanks to anisoft and poryg I've managed to configure PIXI.Sprite interactive and buttonMode features. Attached is a script example where the IconSet.png highlights as you hover over it, shines completely as you click it, and reverts to its original darkness upon pointer out. That works...
  3. RMMV AnimatedSVBattler in Menu Screen

    Yo! I am trying to add an animated svbattler to the menu screen but have only managed to add a non animated sprite. I have looked into "SRD_AltMenuScreen_BustSelect" to try and reverse engineer and see how he did it but.. I am a beginner at coding and it may take me weeks to fully understand...

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Edit: Sprites are made by Alexdraws and TheMightyPalm. I just edited them.
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Well, rats. Was really looking forward to trying out FPS Creator, but trying to install and set it up was pretty much impossible for my tiny brain to comprehend. So much for that, then.
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