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  1. I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently

    Greetings I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently. Specifically, event B is fixed, and A is an event that only travels one route. When the distance between A and B (the hypotenuse of the triangle formed by this distance and the coordinate axis) is less...
  2. RMMV Yanfly Enemy Level Issue - Fluctuation parameters not working

    Greetings! If the Defaut level returns 10, and the positive fluctuation = 0 and the negative fluctuaction = 5, I expected a range = [5 ~ 10]. But, I have all enemies with level 10, exactly. If positive fluctuation = 5 and negative fluctuaction = 0, I expected a range = [10 ~ 15]. But, I...
  3. RMMV Check if each actor has a specific State

    Greetings! I need to check if each of the four actors in the party has State X. If actor X has this State, then the variable X (same State id) increases by 1. Pretty simple, isn't it? I tried: for (i = 0; i <= $gameParty.members().length; i++){ var id = $gameParty.members()._actorId; if...
  4. Can you help me by suggesting a name?

    Hi! What's up? Can anyone give me a suggestion? I'm creating a new game, and I need a two-word name, whose initials are "CN". The game is about a mysterious camp where people end up coming from different universes / dimensions. I thought "Camp [something about multiverse starting with N]" or...
  5. I'm a Master of Science researching RPG Maker games and I want to interview you!

    Greetings! My name is Marcus Parreiras, I'm a Brazilian scientist and my line of research is on Digital Serious Games, especially RPG Maker and indie games. If you are involved in any Serious / Educational Games, or have been involved in the past, please leave a comment or contact me in...
  6. Yanfly Plugins causes user.forceAction infinity loop BUG? (SOLVED!)

    Greetings Just tried to use user.forceAction(skill id, target index) inside the following notetags: <Custom Action Start Effect> user.forceAction(9,-2); </Custom Action Start Effect> or <Custom Action End Effect> user.forceAction(9,-2); </Custom Action End Effect> like The skill 9 is...
  7. Permorme Action in the End of Turn (Yanfly Plugins)

    Greetings I'm trying make a State 'Fiery Aura'. With these State, every time a turn ends, the actor forcelly uses 'Firebolt' skill. So, if you choose 'Protect', you will Protect and after this will uses Firebolt If you use 'Attack', you will attack then uses Firebolt If you use 'Firebolt', then...
  8. Add and Check Notetags!

    Greetings! I'm needing help to create a plugin that would make my life a lot easier! He looks very simple. I'd like to put in the following Notetag in Actors and Enemies: <Team: Ninjas> <Team: Witches> <Team: Fighters> Then, when the battle starts, the plugin checks if, on any side of the...

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