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  1. theartofme

    Yet Another Battle AI Script (MZ and MV)

    LWP_AiAdjustments 1.0 Logan Pickup Introduction Allows adjusting when enemies use skills, and who they use them on. It doesn't add any additional steps to the enemy AI; it just allows better control over the "rating" in enemy action patterns, and over the "tgr" special parameter, allowing them...
  2. theartofme

    Invisible/swappable tilesets plugin

    LWP_InvisibleTiles Logan Pickup Introduction Allows using a different tileset image when using the RPG Maker editor and when running the game. Useful for parallax mapping or for visualising secret passages, etc. in regular tile-based mapping. Screenshots How to Use There are two ways to use...
  3. theartofme

    Ink Integration

    About This plugin integrates Ink with RPG Maker MZ/MV. This allows you to write all your dialogue in Ink and display it using a simple plugin command, which for me at least is much easier than managing message box events! Features Run Ink scripts starting from arbitrary knots/stitches Start...
  4. theartofme

    Ink Integration

    LWP_Ink 1.0 Logan Pickup This plugin has now been superseded by the combined RMMV/RMMZ plugin. Please see that thread for future updates. Introduction Ink is a narrative engine that focuses on writing markup rather than scripting, the intention being that text comes first, code second. This...

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