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  1. Raijinn

    Parameters Help

    Any way to ease balancing parameters? For example, let's say I have two classes a warrior and a mage. Obviously, warrior would be better at attack and mage would be better in magic, but how do I decide on the numbers itself? Also asking as to how I balance them with the health of the enemies...
  2. Raijinn

    Conditional Encounter?

    So I have this idea of certain monsters appearing only when you have a certain equipment equipped, how? example: I equip sword only slimes will appear and when I equip bow only bats will appear
  3. Raijinn

    Good online games?

    Any platforms at all, could be the one you're playing. I want to meet unknown people online, so a good playerbase is wanted. Alrighty, thanks
  4. Raijinn

    Carry Item?

    So in this thread I want to ask two things: - I want my player to be able to only hold one item at a time, if he picks up a shield for example, I want his sword to drop. (Note drop, not dissappear) - I want my player's items to be visible, like if he has a sword then he's holding one, and if...
  5. Raijinn

    I'm a little bit confused about this...

    Let's say I made a game in rpgmaker with Harold as the main character, with his basic sprite as well. As he is a key figure in my story, if I want to make a sequel I'll still have him in my story. So my questions are: - If I change to another engine(other than rpgmaker) can I still use him...
  6. Raijinn

    How to know if someone pirated your game?

    It just dawned on me, let's say I put up my game on steam. And some people decided to pirate it, any countermeasures to this?
  7. Raijinn

    Games that inspired you

    Do u guys have any inspiration for your current rpgmaker project? If yes, what and why?
  8. Raijinn

    Mother 2 Encounter System

    The surprise attack from behind thing, how to do that?
  9. Raijinn

    Day/Time system?

    So I'll just get straight into the point, is it possible to have a game that takes place... let's say 7 days and the players get to choose what to do every hour? If yes, how?
  10. Raijinn

    Revenue Share?

    It's probably in the EULA, but just in case I don't wanna read, if I sell my game, does RPGMAKER own any percentage of the sales?
  11. Raijinn

    FREE Deviant Mark (working title)

    Introduction Welcome to this little not-so-tiny project of mine. DISCLAIMER this story may include some stuff regarding politics, and the general toxicness of society. Engine: RPGMAKER MV Genre: RPG, Puzzle, Strategy, Modern Fantasy Synopsis Gameplay Positions/Roles Needed: Writer(s) The...
  12. Raijinn

    Limitations of a 2D/3D RPG game?

    What do you think the limitations of a 2D RPG compared to 3D? Of course, the other way around as well, what kind of limit does 3D have compared to 2D?
  13. Raijinn

    Failure of Most Game Dev Teams

    Most indie game development teams have failed in making their games either abandoning the project, or disbanding their team altogether. I’ve seen it happen over and over again, why do you guys think this happens?
  14. Raijinn

    Other combat than turn based?

    What combat mechanic would be suitable for a 2d rpg game other than turn based?
  15. Raijinn

    Use a less violent method to solve your fight.

    note*: this is not an essay. Talking, talking, talking. Talking has been one of the most common ways humans communicate, and although NPCs doesn't seem to have enough social skills to create different words when you interact with them, obviously talking is one of the best way to deliver...
  16. Raijinn

    What's your favorite music genre?

    Hey guys this question is 100% totally not related to my game at all, and I'm TOTALLY not making my own music and wondering which musical genre the community likes best, like no wayyy. (Feel free to comment below if I'm missing a genre)
  17. Raijinn

    Let's make a game together!

    This is the worst of the worst thread you may ever see, such ignorance and foolishness combined into one single thread. Only the chosen shal- what am i talking about, I just wanna ask if someone would like to make an abomination rpg together with me :v The reward? FRIENDSHIP. sidenote: this...
  18. Raijinn

    Scattered enemies and stuff

    Hello people, remember me? I'm not dead owo XD rawrrr (ok this is already cringey) If you follow the persona series, you already know what I'm talking about. Instead of random encounters, I want my game to have enemies scattered across the map, and so the player can choose to battle or not. SO...
  19. Raijinn

    Fresh start, I need your help

    Hey guys, so I've just lost all 3 months worth of work, right? And I can't remember what my game had inside it (MiniQuests, Bosses and all that stuff) because I was studying the structure of cells (School's hard m8) Without further ado, I'm making a new project which hopefully doesn't end up...
  20. Raijinn

    Closing Greenlight Today, Steam Direct Launches June 13

    7 JUNE - ALDEN In this post, we're going to talk about closing down Steam Greenlight and the transition to Steam Direct. If you haven't already, it's worth reading the last few posts we've made recently about our philosophy, some changes to address bad actors, and some upcoming improvements to...

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