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  1. Tanarex

    I'm keep getting a 'failed' response in combat when I tried to use a new skill.

    I have one character that has the formation ability. He can use it to buff the entire party's defense by 25%. But I also have a follow-up skill that lowers his defense in return by 25%. And have both the buff and debuff last the same amount of time. I tried using Param under effects. But that...
  2. Tanarex

    Kill it with Fire! I'm looking for feedback on spells.

    3 of my characters can gain 10 skills. The 4th gains spells instead. All of them can acquire abilities (the first 3 Skills or in the case of the 4th character spells) that have a single target, two targets, three targets, or hit all enemies. The problem is that the spell user acquires elemental...
  3. Tanarex

    I can't figure out why the Attack option is grayed out.

    I don't know what I did but the basic attack option for my characters is no longer usable. I even tried copying it from a new game. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Tanarex

    Looking for someone to make a Puzzle Box icon for me for VX Ace.

    Resource Type: Icons Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: A Puzzle Box that will blend in with the default icon tileset. 24 by 24. Something medieval-looking and fancy. The only thing I could find is a Rubric Cube. Maybe symbols that represent words around it. Reference Images:
  5. Tanarex

    Looking for ice skates icon for vx ace

    Resource Type: Icons Maker Format: Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: I'm looking for a pair of ice skates icon for my game. So if anyone knows any that are free to use for commercial games or would like to make me a pair I'd be thankful. It's for a medieval game. So they should look very...
  6. Tanarex

    Having trouble understanding Yanfly Engine Ace - Steal Items v1.03

    If someone would be kind enough to let me know what the finished product looks like I'd be very appreciative.
  7. Tanarex

    I was just wondering if there was a way to add a skill that requires a item to use it.

    The idea was that one character can use the Escape from battle ability but needs a smoke bomb to use it. I could add Smoke Bomb under weapon types but it's just a one-use item.
  8. Tanarex

    I would like to change the default attack of my character to a shooting attack in VX Ace.

    One of my character's main weapon is his crossbow and would like his default attack to be a shooting attack. But I don't know how to do this. Hopefully, it doesn't require a script.
  9. Tanarex

    I'm just looking for a Sword Fish Sprite.

    Resource Type: Swimming Characters Maker Format: RPG Maker VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: I'm hoping to find either a premade swimming swordfish sprite or someone who is kind enough to make one for me. I need it to match the rest of the VX Ace Sprites. It is for a swimming level where...
  10. Tanarex

    I'm having trouble with a bridge issue with VX Ace. Being above to walk under it and over it.

    My mapper used two different tilesets but I can't copy it correctly. I want the characters to be able to walk under it when approaching it from above or below. But walk over it when approaching it from the left or the right.
  11. Tanarex

    (Big) Mac and Me (Funny movie review)

    So a couple of movie producers decided to make an E.T rip-off but said, "Let's make the aliens 1,000 times stupider and uglier looking. Also, let's have a scene where the little alien goes after the kid he has been terrorizing for the last couple of days with power tools. Making a hole through a...
  12. Tanarex


    Resource Type: Brains for Icon set. Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: Something that made in the VX ACE art style. I thought I saw one with a body parts set. But now I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Tanarex

    Looking for Harpy Sprite

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Ace RTP Description: Something that made in the VX ACE art style. Reference Images: I do have a battler imagine that I can use for commercial games but I talked to the creator and says no reposts. So if interested or have a link to...
  14. Tanarex

    Looking for a gathering/crafting script.

    Right now I'm using Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System. But I had one demo that had gathering nodes that sparkled, recipes you can buy, leveling up options, etc. And liked to use foul language in demo. But now it's gone and no idea the name of it was. I checked the master script list.
  15. Tanarex

    Boba Fett and the dropout Jedi aka Star Wars: Wrath of the Mandalorian. Spoilers! Mild Adult language.

    I didn't even realize this was a terrible fanmade film till I saw the bad CGI. Then it was all downhill from there. With a dumb plot, bad acting, face painting done by an amateur, and a group of Jedi who don't know how to use the force and run away from 1 guy. Now, in the original Star Wars...
  16. Tanarex

    Just wanted to know if there is a script or snippet on using items...

    in your inventory to solve puzzles. Like Resident Evil style.
  17. Tanarex

    Buy the Chris Redfield Action Figure now! Now with real boulder punching action! A Resident Evil Rant. Spoilers. Violence.

    So out of boredom and curiosity, I watched the entire Resident Evil storyline. It was over 2 hours long. Which included not 1, not 2, but 3 Japanese (One of them takes place in Japan) stage plays. Something I didn't even know existed for RE. With all the overacting it should have been labeled a...
  18. Tanarex

    Just like Grandma use to make.

    Anyone remember their grandma making delicious brownies or chocolate chip cookies? Something you were overjoyed to find in your sack lunch or in a box from home while at camp? Well, then you've never had my grandma's cookies. She would make these lumpy dirt clod shaped oatmeal cookies. That were...
  19. Tanarex

    I like to talk about a movie I saw recently. Spoilers. A stupid, confusing, unoriginal movie called...

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I'm not even going to bring up the armadillo looking rat creatures that poop magic marbles. Or the womanizer who harasses his partner and yet is still super boring. Or the 'tough' partner who puts up with it. As she personally drags women's rights...
  20. Tanarex

    Having trouble with Victor Engine - Moving Platform again.

    I keep getting systemstackederror occurred. I know it means there is some kind of redundancy. But I check the scripts there is only one of each. I put the scripts in a new game and they work fine. Tried using RGSS console. And I get this.....

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