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  1. The Old Ferret

    Changing max LVL during the game

     Hello ! Is it possible to bound the possible max LVL of actors to switches or some other way? Like a want to block actors to grow over a specific level before they reach a point in the main story , what would give them lets say additional 5 levels , then they reach next point in the main...
  2. The Old Ferret

    RPG Maker MV Style Icons

    Hello! This is my first try to share something. I realy like the MV stock icons , they reminded me of Secret World or Dragon Age style inventory icons. Some of this i made from scratch , some are modified MV icons. All i need is a little feedback and suggestions maybe :) I will constantly...
  3. The Old Ferret

    Event over Paralax/Overlay

     Hello!  If i posted this to the wrong section, i am very sorry. So my problem is: i create a map with paralax mapping + script for fixing it .Sorry i am new to this method so maybe i use the wrong words. There is the bottom paralax - ground, flowers etc. and the upper : trees, buildings , so...
  4. The Old Ferret

    Steampunk tileset for VX Ace

    Hello! Are here somewhere steampunk tilesets for VX Ace? I know about Celianna/Lanarea-s steampunk tiles for paralax mapping , but i am not very good on that one :/ So this is why i ask about some simeliar ,but in tileset format.   Thank You !
  5. The Old Ferret

    Levitating Sword

     Hello !  I am looking for a levitating sword tile sheet. I need it to use  on the Field map / world map  as a quick travel cursor. Once in the past i saw one, but i cant find it now :(  Thank You :)
  6. The Old Ferret

    High Fatnasy Packs

     Hello !   ( Sorry for my poor english ! ) I am thinking about buying the High Fantasy R. Pack 1,2 and The Deep resoucre pack. My question 1. is : without the Monster Legacy and the Main Party Packs will i have enough actor,monster etc. sprites for making a not repetitive sprite game? And...
  7. The Old Ferret

    Changing names of xparams and sparams

     Hello ! Is there a way to change the names of xparams and sparams? In the database i can change the names only of the params. Maybe somewhere in the basic scripts is the key?

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