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  1. Ariel_Schnee

    Need Supernatural Things For Maker VX Ace

    I need some things for RPG Maker VX Ace. 01. Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Benny, and Amy Pond sprites and facesets. 02. Dean's Impala sprite. 03. A Tile-E with Devil Traps, Angel Uninviting Symbols, and other such things on it. 04. Blood graphics I...
  2. Ariel_Schnee

    Some Requests I Have For VX Ace

    I need some things for RPG Maker VX Ace. 01. Long ago I found this(link) tileset on the web... somewhere. Later, I found another version of it where it looked like a post-apocalyptic version of it. I recently lost my external harddrives, and all my resources on them, to rats. Some of my stuff...
  3. Ariel_Schnee


    --- *Stands and bows* Hello!^_^ I'm new here. Please treat me kindly now. *Sits back down* --- And that's my impersonation of a cute Japanese schoolgirl. Hope that you liked it.^_^ I'm rather proud of it. To find out more about the real me, y'all just go on here.
  4. Ariel_Schnee

    A Few Things That I Will Say

    01. The 'Products' link ( keeps leading to ( And the links there just keep leading back to the same page. How am I supposed to buy any VX Ace stuff on a site that doesn't have links to any? And don't mention...

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