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  1. Yappy Monoxide

    [Ace] Help Modifying ???nOBodY???'s Sticky Moving Platforms

    Hello everyone! I have returned, and unfortunately, not without problems. Script here This script normally makes an event that the player can stand on, automatically move and drag the player along with it. However, the script only allows the player to get off the platform at certain points...
  2. Yappy Monoxide

    (Ace) MOG_Chain_Commands Cursor Position Error

    Hi Everyone, I've been plagued with another script error. This involves MOG_Chain_Commands by Moghunter. This is the script (There's no copy of this online without downloading the master demo which can take awhile, so this just for pure convience.): The problem I'm having is the...
  3. Yappy Monoxide

    Can You Spot The Difference?

    (Hint: There are only 6 changes)
  4. Yappy Monoxide

    Estirole patch not working(MOG_Wallpaper_EX - NOTEBOOK)

    Hi everyone. So I've been changing scripts a lot of scripts today, including adding some new ones. I also decided to tackle this problem I've been having for awhile. But unfortunately, I couldn't fix it myself.  I'm currently trying to make these two scripts work together. (EST NOTEBOOK...
  5. Yappy Monoxide

    The Devil known as Procrastination.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to stop procrastinating? 
  6. Yappy Monoxide

    Mimic Oot boss intro effect in Rpg Maker Vx Ace

    Hello everyone. So I was thinking of cool things to implement when I remembered a cool feature for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In that game when you encountered a boss and little black rectangle would appear showing the name of the boss and a very brief description (Usually about...
  7. Yappy Monoxide

    Tv, Social Media, or the great outdoors? Which do you do the most?

    I'm extremely curious to know. Although I think we all know what's going to win.
  8. Yappy Monoxide

    How do you come up with Game Ideas?

    All of the above for me.
  9. Yappy Monoxide

    Add/Change Choice Graphic?

    Hi everyone. So I was wondering if it would be possible to change the graphic of the choice window to something other than the default window graphic. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I am using This Script by modern algebra to make the choice go at the top of the screen.  Example...
  10. Yappy Monoxide

    Check if player is in Fullscreen mode or not

    Hi everyone. So I'm trying to play a movie in Rpg maker while using the Fullscreen ++ script by Zeus81. It's a great script, but not when it comes to movies. When you play a movie when fullscreen is enabled, it looks awful. It goes all the way to the top left of the screen and doesn't upscale to...
  11. Yappy Monoxide

    Mimic Mv Plugin effect in Vx Ace?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if it would be possible to mimic what this plugin does in the video at 0:25 to 0:33. Thanks in advance. (I wasn't exactly sure where to post this. Sorry mods if I made a mistake.)
  12. Yappy Monoxide

    How to make a weapon a Consumable Item

    Is it possible?
  13. Yappy Monoxide

    Corpses, Bones and Chains.

    I was wondering if anyone had graphics for a pile of bones (With skeleton head), Some corpses, and some dungeon chains handy that I could use. For Vx Ace btw.
  14. Yappy Monoxide

    Hardest thing to implement?

    I think the hardest thing for me going to be balancing.
  15. Yappy Monoxide

    Disable Yanfly Save Script Variables.

    Hi everyone. (Script) I don't want this...And every time I try to comment it out it just crashes. What I'm talking about is the variables listed in the save menu. Help?
  16. Yappy Monoxide

    Best Corpse Party game?

    I have to go with Blood Covered.
  17. Yappy Monoxide

    Awaken Class 217 (My First Project)

    Hi everyone. So since I've been asking for help with quite a few scripts recently I thought I'd show what I've been using them for. Awaken Class 217 pls don't judge Plot Features Screenshots (UPDATED!)
  18. Yappy Monoxide

    Recharge Meter Script?

    Hello everyone.  I was wondering if it would be possible to have a script give a certain actor a recharge meter in the menu instead of the usual Hp (Maybe Hp) Mp, and Tp meters. And When that Meter is full have certain events be available. And when the recharge meter is not up to full those...
  19. Yappy Monoxide

    Change Text Sound Effect in Game?

    Hi everyone. So I Found this script. I was wondering if it is possible to change the sound effect that plays in game. Example during the game it switches from Decision1 to Decision2. 
  20. Yappy Monoxide

    Best Snack while Game Developing?

    I like everything. Though if I had to pick, it would be popcorn.

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