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  1. How do you design Loot chests? (Fixed, randomly, adapting Player's style...)

    I decided to go for randomized in my game. The way it works is as follows: There are three "loot sacks": minor loot, average loot, and great loot. Once the player enter a map, there's a % chance for some of the sacks to appear or not. Then, once the player "opens" a sack, there's a % to get a...
  2. Encountered a bug related to Yanfly's quest plugin

    It was the categories! I feel dumb now, but thank you.
  3. Encountered a bug related to Yanfly's quest plugin

    So I had Galv's quest plugin before but I decided to change for Yanfly's quest plugin. At first I had no problem at all with the plugin, but now everytime I try to open the questlog from the main menu, this error happens and I have no idea at all why. I have the last version of the program, as...

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So...I decided to make music for my game... Because i've never done anything musical in my life. I even failed music in school, you basically just had to show up to pass and I somehow failed xD
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I know it's a waste of time, but I decided to create a script that forces the RM2k game to always be in windowed mode. Just for fun anyway.
Coding some stuff. I just hope I'll be able to finish before school starts.

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