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  1. Dororo

    Dating sim and JRPG

    I mean: dating sims are static simulations (you pick an activity, your score grow, events trigger on scores) that mostly work on temporized routine, while JRPG are most explorative games (reach place X to have event Y happen). The two mechanics seems polar opposites: if you ever tried Tokimeki...
  2. Dororo

    RMMZ Violent Battler 1Bit need Project Manager

    In this age of HD and complex mechanics, a groundbreaking new experience... Rendered in an awesome 1bit graphic, at the outstanding 64*40 resolution, with procedural (proh see hduh rowhl) and limited gameplay, Violent Battler cast you in a grinding experience full of big black pixels and devoid...
  3. Dororo

    RMMZ Combat functions in TPBS

    I'm hitting a wall when inspecting the core scripts and so I can't quite progress into writing a plugin. The informations I need are where TPBS functions are, as apparently they are somehow "entwined" inside default turn based combat and sparse around. For example, I can't find where the timer...
  4. Dororo

    RMMZ [reworded] Panzer Dragoon TBS system

    NOTE: totally reworded after trying to do it on my own and hitting some wall. A TPBS VARIANT PLUGIN What it does? It work like Panzer Dragoon Legends changing how the TPBS system is intended to work. Skills and actions cost part of your timebar. So, the more you wait the more powerfull skills...
  5. Dororo

    GB Space Resources Lab

    Hi! As seems that no one did before, I've thought of creating space stuff. You own so much tilesets, why limit to a single world? Create many worlds to explore and spacefaring adventures to reach them. This is an ongoing lab, and I'll post single parts when completed. !! THE DOWNLOAD LINK OF...
  6. Dororo

    RMMZ What game to do? You've chosen!

    People talked, and the verdict is: SENTAI HERO In a future wasteland dominated by mutants and monsters, humanity survive by insect mutual assistance. Humans are divided into classes and live in underearth colonies. You belong to the "Soldier" class. One day your colony is destroyed and you...
  7. Dororo

    Goth/Vampire pixel windowskin

    A simple gothic/vampire themed windowskin. Tell if you find some issue. USE: drop the Window.png file in the img/system folder of your project and confirm overwrite. TERMS: free to use, edit and distribute, no attribution required. Do whatever, wherever.
  8. Dororo

    Minimal Windowskin

    (PixelPerfect == don't try to zoom in/out or the thing become blurrish) Minimalistic interface with single pixel lines and high contrast. Should look good. It should work in MV too, I didn't tested it. Fit better with pixel fonts. USE: drop this .png file in the img/system/ folder of your...
  9. Dororo

    Need a quest idea? Here!

    This is a very famous resource that belong to the tabletop RPG universe. You can use it as an inspiration for some plot in your RM game. NOTE: as tabletops are VERY slow compared to digital RPG, such ideas are most usefull for simple quests or dungeon themes, not the entire adventure. Here the...
  10. Dororo

    One-action combat concept

    I'm toying with the idea of having such kind of combat system. What your thoughts about? RULE 1 Each party (PC and NPC) got an action speed meter. Not all individuals, just one bar for the entire party. Party members increase/decrease the filling speed of the bar by their stats and traits. When...
  11. Dororo

    About banana peels and the strings of fate

    I mean, probably you don't know, but for some reason one day in the USA banana became the most common snack around. Really. Very very common. No one cared for banana before then banana everywhere. But people had the bad habit to leave peels around. Now, probably it never happened to you, but...
  12. Dororo

    On Writing - Basic Stuff

    What's writing? Why it does work? What's exactly a "narration"? Writing, or to be fully honest "narrate", is the most important art of them all. It's the art of testifying the universe. To do it, you'll use a trick. A mind trick. To write something good in your life, you shouldn't focus on...
  13. Dororo

    Bare ship vehicle model?

    I need a vessel (the great vessel - the "galleon", not the simple boat) without sails and masts just as a reference, I'm not planning to use it but to get proportions and size to draw something else on my own. 48*48 pixel. Do you know where I can see one?
  14. Dororo

    Music Technical Info

    Does anybody knows what software and sound banks were used to compose MZ default tracks? I think is a necessary information to be consistent with additional pieces.
  15. Dororo

    Your best JRPG plot

    As for title. What's the best JRPG plot to you? Not counting game mechanics or other gameplay factors like roster magnitude or features - I'm talking just of the overall premise, evolution and ending of the story behind the game. Why so? What the strenght points of the plot? The sheer narrative...
  16. Dororo

    Different mechanics for bosses and low tiers?

    Traditionally speaking, low tiers encounters are made to stress out your resources and collect experience to customize your character(s), while the real deal, the reason you're facing swarm after swarm of blue jellies are the boss battles. Anyway, that's seems to me the harder problem to face...
  17. Dororo

    Is RMMV the software I need?

    Sorry if this topic doesn't belong to this specific section of the forum, please Admins move it where it should! It's a question for expert users (and probably Jscript coders lurking around) I'm evaluating a number of softwares to check if they can fit my needs before investing time and...

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