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  1. Korimax

    Choose Main Character or Auto-Switch

    So I've been working on a project for a while now. Just finished transferring it to MV. And I've reached the point in the project where the two main characters are separated for a solid duration of the story. I was curious whether it would be more appropriate to have a player choose who's...
  2. Korimax

    What should I buy?

    So I had a status update but I decided I'd be better off making some general topic (that is hopefully in the correct location.) about a decision that I couldn't make and wanted input on. Currently I'm working as a lifeguard this summer minimum wage of course which is $8.15 where I live...
  3. Korimax

    Branching Class Script?

    So I've been looking and I haven't quite found a script that fits my needs. I'm looking for a script that basically allows leveling up both classes and characters. So that when a class reaches a certain level you can move onto a new class. However, I need for certain classes to be unavailable...
  4. Korimax

    Fire Emblem Discussion Topic

    With the next Fire Emblem installment on its way and the Shin Megami Tensei crossover being developed, it seemed fitting that a thread be made for the Fire Emblem Series. __________________________________________   For those new to the Series Fire Emblem is a Tactical RPG series developed...
  5. Korimax

    Interior Maps

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I thought this was the most appropriate, but if not could someone move it?  Okay, recently an idea came to my head, but I thought I'd ask since I'm unsure of how this works, so I thought I'd ask. I recently thought about my interior maps, and I recently...
  6. Korimax

    Face-set Recolors to match Bust

    Alright well I think my request may be easier said than done but what do I know I have limited skills in graphics as is, so I'd say I know zip. Anyway for the Commercial project that I've been working on I've been messing around with a character from Ruruga's site (A link to which is located in...
  7. Korimax

    Dealing a Percentage of Damage

    Okay basically I am asking how exactly I set up a battle formula when I want a skill to deal 50% of the target's current HP, I know how to do total HP by using a Negative Heal, but I don't know how to use Current HP. Also if it is at all possible, I was wondering if it were possible for skills...
  8. Korimax

    Party Management Type Script

    Ok well what I am looking for is a sort of Party Management Script, what I am looking for is a script that supports 5 party members at a time, however my main issue is that the 5th party member slot is supposed to be reserved strictly for special party members you have no control over. However I...
  9. Korimax

    RTP in Mack Style

    Basically to summarize as simply as possible, I am looking for any Commercially usable RTP Sprite resources that would be located in RPG Maker VX Ace in the Mack Style, not to be mistaken with his XP style, specifically the VX/Ace Style he made. I am Also Looking for Alex the RTP Hero from RPG...
  10. Korimax

    General RPG Maker Questions that don't need their own thread

    Hello RPG Maker Community, recently I've found myself with some questions, questions that are extremely simple and that don't necessarily need their own thread. I felt the need to start this thread after noticing that on occasion some people (myself included), ask questions in their status...
  11. Korimax

    Mack VXA Style Sprite Request

    THIS IS "MOST LIKELY" FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF DOING A REQUEST FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT FOR FREE, THEN DON'T DO IT, I MADE THIS REALLY BOLD AND OBVIOUS! (Most likely since I guess it depends if it gets greenlit in the future among other things.) EDIT: I need a...
  12. Korimax

    RPG Maker Mack Generator for VX?

    Okay I am looking for the Mack Sprite Generator for VX/Ace because I recently discovered that the generator I found was for the Mack XP Sprites. Now normally I would be fine with it, except that I couldn't really find pre-made sprites by Mack that were in his XP Style, while I did find his...
  13. Korimax

    Equipment Skills

    Alright straight to the point, I am searching for a script, I went looking on the RGSS3 forums but I didn't find it, of course I may not have searched hard enough in the forum. Anyway the script I seek is one that has skills tied to equipment for example: Anna equips Silver Flute in the...
  14. Korimax

    Possible Faceset's Hair Recolor

    THIS IS FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF DOING A REQUEST FOR A COMMERCIAL PROJECT FOR FREE, THEN DON'T DO IT, I MADE THIS REALLY BOLD AND OBVIOUS! Okay well I had a request similar to this one previously... So I'll get straight to it.  I need a face's hair to be...
  15. Korimax

    Question about a resource...

    Okay well I was being a bit of a internet creeper, you know just browsing around various places. Well I was on Ruruga's Website, and well I came upon a resource that I found quite appealing and well I basically fell in love with it just the problem is, well I don't believe I have seen the style...
  16. Korimax

    Main Characters' Sprites (VX to XP Style)

    Okay well I am working on getting my Project to go from Ace graphics to the beautiful XP Graphics, part of that includes sprites, and one of those sprites would be my main characters. So my request is simply a sprite set of said characters in an XP Style (But in 3x4 frames since I will still be...
  17. Korimax

    Probably Impossible Request VX-XP Tilesets

    Okay to be honest, I have no idea how I should start a request for something so... big. I mean I at least see it as big others might not. To be honest I don't expect anybody to help me but I thought I might as well post since I might be pleasantly surprised. Anyway the request is simple to...
  18. Korimax

    Entire Collections Search.

    Okay to start things simple this is only a request and honestly I have no idea who would be crazy enough to help me with this. But I thought since I am surrounded by several RM masterminds, they may have the resources, since it would seem they have left the face of the internet. Currently I am...
  19. Korimax

    Faceset Recolor Request (Technically Hair Recolor)

    Okay well first off this is for a commercial project so I understand if one is not willing to help me, however this is merely for demo purposes and is likely not to be the final product for a character I just need a placeholder but I also want it to make sense. The character is supposed to have...
  20. Korimax

    Broken Grace

    Broken Grace is a commercial project, it takes place in a fantasy setting, and follows the story of a young man who is thrust into the world after an unfortunate incident. Venturing beyond his home, he learns more about himself and life. He fights, he loves, and finds his place in the world and...

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