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  1. Neo Soul Gamer

    MZ & Effekseer: My Experience

    TL : DR - Effekseer is awesome. I fully support the decision for MZ to use it. But that antiquated animation editor in MV still might be better for some of you. Especially for anyone looking at porting their project. Also, there is a pretty good solution to this issue talked about in this post...
  2. Neo Soul Gamer

    Advanced Battle Conditions

    After trying to help someone with a Battle Condition issue, it dawned on me that there could be a lot of people in the community who underestimate the capabilities of Yanfly's Advanced Switches and Variables plugin. In the following video, I speak a little bit about how the battle conditions...
  3. Neo Soul Gamer

    Escape Skill

    The following video tutorial aims to show RMMV users how to create an Escape skill while adding it to the list of Actor Battle Commands. This method also allows you to call action sequences before the Escape is processed. Depending on your experience with action sequences, you can create some...
  4. Neo Soul Gamer

    NeoSoulGamer's First Impressions and Tutorials

    Hey guys! Recently, I've started a YouTube channel that mainly consists of RPG Maker content. I haven't really mentioned this outside of a few Discord servers because I wasn't sure if people would enjoy the videos. I also wanted to make sure I had a little bit of experience before I start...
  5. Neo Soul Gamer

    Change Party MP to a set number?

    So by default, we have the ability to decrease or increase the entire Party's MP by a specific number. I'd imagine it would involve a script call to do this... But how would I go about setting he entire Party's MP to a particular number?
  6. Neo Soul Gamer

    Different Fonts = Lag?

    So after noticing that my game was lagging terribly in battle (hovering around 30-35 FPS), I literally spent the last 2 hours re-configuring and replacing plugins to find out what may be the cause.  Turns out it's the font that I'm using. Switching back and forth between my font and the...
  7. Neo Soul Gamer

    Guard/Defend in an "Action Point" battle system

    Hey guys, I need some feedback on a battle system I'm trying to create in RMMV. To explain it quickly, It's an Action Point battle system where each battler takes as many turns as they can before the party's turn ends. Action Points are automatically replenished at the end of each turn, and...
  8. Neo Soul Gamer

    Erase all pictures?

    As my game develops, I worry that I'll be adding and removing picture IDs, which will result in me having to make a lot of changes to events on my map. Is there any command/script call available to just erase all pictures? I would also like to be able to erase all pictures in a range. For...
  9. Neo Soul Gamer

    Letters Sounds - Yay or Nay?

    Hey guys, So after playing through one of my favorite games recently (Lufia 2), I was thinking about putting letter sounds in my game. That is, sounds that play as text is displayed in a message window.  My game will have a retro aesthetic, so keeping the retro feel is important to me. I...
  10. Neo Soul Gamer

    Base Parameter Formulas

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with creating a base parameter formula. I'd like this effect to apply to both actors and enemies. It's nothing complex, just a simple multiplier so I can test the duration of battles and help balance my game. I've found the parameter methods in the...
  11. Neo Soul Gamer

    F9 Debug menu in Battle

    This was possible in VXA (perhaps with a script, can't remember). Is there any way to enable it so we can control switches and variables during battle?
  12. Neo Soul Gamer

    For Debugging and Testing: Adding all Skills?

    I noticed in the MV Script Call list that there's a way to add all items, weapons, and armor (that doesn't have a blank space in the database) to the party. I was wondering if there was a similar function to add skills (again, only the ones without blank spaces) to all the party members.
  13. Neo Soul Gamer

    A Charge Turn Battle System with... Multiple acts per turn?

    This idea just hit me. Maybe it's been executed in other games, but I've never seen it. For my game, I initially wanted to go with an Action Point Mechanic within a Turn-Based battle system. But what if I kept that same Action Point mechanic within a Charge-Turn Battle system? In other words...
  14. Neo Soul Gamer

    Additive State Rates

    Below is a post quoted from a previous request for a RPG Maker VX Ace script. "I would like the ability to change state resistance value for actors, classes, enemies, weapons, armor, states, etc., through flat bonuses (both increases and decreases) to the value of the resistance, not the way...
  15. Neo Soul Gamer

    Check probabilities of States in battle?

    This is hard to explain... So I'm curious as to what the final chance is of inflicting a state when a skill is used. Yes, I can figure it out mathematically, but when you factor in states that change rates, it becomes a headache. Is there any way to confirm what calculations are being done that...
  16. Neo Soul Gamer

    Menu Tutorials: How would you do it?

    I consider menu tutorials to be very important. To the typical RPG enthusiast, it may not be necessary, but there may be some others that need them. How would you guys go about creating a menu tutorial? Forcing the player to read step-by-step instructions in-game would be a tad ridiculous. ...
  17. Neo Soul Gamer

    Enemy Class

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can (or has) come up with an enemy class plugin. Yanfly and Tsukihime both had scripts that gave enemy levels and enemy classes. Basically, the enemy level would be set based on a notetag or a setting in the module (average party level, lowest party member level...
  18. Neo Soul Gamer

    Load Notes/Notetags from Text Files Pretty much a port of the script linked above. Putting notetags in each skill, state, weapon, and armor is one thing... But needing to make changes to those notetags is another. Especially when those notetags are...
  19. Neo Soul Gamer

    State Add/Remove Commands

    I figure Shaz is too busy to pull this off, But this was a fantastic script that allowed for evals to run whenever a state was added or remove. A lot of systems and game mechanics can be expanded with this. <-----...

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