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  1. Earthboundstar123

    Script that plays an animation when a enemy appears on the screen

    Is there a script that plays an animation when a enemy appears on the screen during battle?
  2. Earthboundstar123

    How do i show animations over pictures

    I am trying to make a battle where the background is a picture instead of a battleback, but whenever a skill with a animation is used, the animation is played under the picture. How do i make it to where it shows the animation over the picture?
  3. Earthboundstar123

    Magnetite system from SMT

    How can i make a system similar to how magnetite works in game like Shin Megami Tensei?
  4. Earthboundstar123

    RMMV Shin megami tensei fusion system

    Can anyone make a plugin that allows you to combine 2 or 3 actors into a new actor like how fusion is from shin megami tensei? Here's some more info about fusion in smt:
  5. Earthboundstar123

    RMMV Moghunter Battler motions causes error when its with Moghunter Emerge Motions.

    I tried using Moghunter's battler motions with the Moghunter Emerge motions plugin and when i start a battle, this pops up. it also does this if i remove Emerge Motions. Can anyone please help?
  6. Earthboundstar123

    RMMV Shin Megami Tensei Fusion system plugin

    Is there a plugin that can replicate the fusion system of shin megami tensei?
  7. Earthboundstar123

    GIF enimes.

    Is there any plugins that let me use gifs for enimes?
  8. Earthboundstar123

    RMMV SRD Hud maker says error when i try to put other party members name into battle screen even though im typimg the correct thing in the value section.

    Im trying to use SRD Hud maker and im trying to make a battle screen and i tried to put in other party members onto the screen, but for some reason even though i typed in the right java phrase as what was shown in SRD'S Tutorial, it says ERROR. i kept trying to fix this for god knows how long...
  9. Earthboundstar123

    How to make enemies imortal?

    I am trying to find a way to make a enemy imortal so i can make it change into a different phase. is there a way for me to be able to make the not die if their HP reaches 0?
  10. Earthboundstar123

    Skill cause battleback to change.

    Is there any way to make a skill that makes the battleback change temporarily?
  11. Earthboundstar123

    Shin megami tensei 4 Smirk status help.

    Is there a way to recreate the smirk status from Shin megami tensei 4?
  12. Earthboundstar123

    Equipment as items

    Is it possible to make equipment also act as items that could be used in battle like in some final fantasy games?
  13. Earthboundstar123

    Actors won't appear when starting playtests

    Every time i start a play test, the actors in the party won't appear even though the transparent actor setting is off! Anyone could help me?
  14. Earthboundstar123

    Slot machine attack

    Can i make a slot machine skill that will have different effects depending on the symbols on the slots?
  15. Earthboundstar123

    Kingdom Hearts 3: Remind DLC Thoughts

    The first time i saw the trailer for Remind, i was happy that there would be more story in the game. I also loved how they put in two of my favorite Keyblades: Oathkeeper and Oblivion in the game too. But when i finally played the Remind part of the DLC and finished up the Data bosses in the...
  16. Earthboundstar123

    Weapons with a chance to use a skill.

    Is there a way to have a weapon use a skill after it is used to attack?
  17. Earthboundstar123

    Weapons with abillites.

    I am trying to make a weapon that increases damage delt with water skills. Anyone knows how to do that?
  18. Earthboundstar123

    Statue of the gods like battle.

    Is there a way to make a boss that is like the Statue of the gods from Final Fantasy 6?

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