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  1. Rekkid

    RMMV Yanfly Region Restrictions work with 'Through' on?

    Is there any way to make events still obey region restrictions when they have 'Through' checked on? Alternatively is there a way to make the player able to pass through certain events without the player or the event being able to pass through impassable tiles? I do not want them set as above or...
  2. Rekkid

    Having a state increase a variable when applied?

    Basically what I want to do is have variable X increase whenever State Y is applied and decrease when State Y is removed. I have tried using Yanfly's state core plugin but it doesn't seem to work, maybe because it doesn't happen in combat. Is there any other way to achieve this effect?
  3. Rekkid

    Changing variable when player is near event

    I'm trying to change the value of a variable to the events ID when the player is within range of it. This is what I have but it's not working. var get_distance = [Math.abs($gamePlayer._x - this.eventId._x), Math.abs($gamePlayer._y - this.eventId._y)]; var target_distance = 100; if...
  4. Rekkid

    Event movement and action help QABS

    For this project I'm using the QABS plugin, but I don't think it's all that important to the problem. Basically I'm trying to make a necromancer type class which uses minions in the form of events that follow the player. I'm having several problems making this happen with 2 major ones stopping...

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