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  1. h0tWalker

    Pressure to perform

    So for a long time I've wanted to get back into creating games again as a hobby. It was something I did for over 10 years, even took an education in, yet once done, abandoned it entirely. From a childhood dream, to a life long goal, I still hunt down that one dream to have completed just one...
  2. h0tWalker

    Lighting System

    Heya! Decided to take a break from my project and give the little spooktober jam a shot to refresh my rpg maker skills as it's been a few years since I used it. Not gotten into scripting yet, and my main project is still in the writing phase. So that leaves me with little to wonder... Is there...
  3. h0tWalker

    The Hobbyist: An Unexpected Maker

    Heya~! :kaohi: Been a long time since i last was involved in any communities. I go back to the rpgrevolution days. After having recently started poking into RPG Maker again after 3 years of no game projects at all, i decided to use this account for more than resource gatherings that it was used...

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So...I decided to make music for my game... Because i've never done anything musical in my life. I even failed music in school, you basically just had to show up to pass and I somehow failed xD

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