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  1. Reinarc

    RMMZ Sempiternal

  2. Reinarc

    Polishing Your Game

    Just for my own curiosity... When you play someone else's game, what screams out to you "this game needs more polish?" Naturally, any sort of bug will bring that thought into your mind. Obvious spelling and grammar mistakes as will do it as well. What else do you think of? For example, I like...
  3. Reinarc

    Conditional Branch Script Check for Player Follower?

    Is there a script that I can put inside a conditional branch to check if the Player Followers option is turned ON? Upon leaving a special map, I want to keep whatever setting I had previously. Example #1 - the player is in a dungeon (where I have player followers off) ---> goes to special map...
  4. Reinarc

    RMMZ Game Freezing (MOG Battle HUD)

    I'm wondering if anyone has run into this issue yet, or has any insight. Problem: Game will, on occasion, freeze when an actor is K.O.'d in combat. It doesn't always happen, and it seems completely random. I've tried to purposely replicate it with no success. From about 100 hours of play...
  5. Reinarc

    Screen Resolution Question

    Hi, So I'm still really green with all of this stuff in RPG Maker. I'm designing a skill choice menu right now using Yanfly's Common Event Picture plugin. All of the icons that are placed are pictures, using x, y coordinates. I also stretched the screen resolution to 1280 x 720, because I liked...
  6. Reinarc

    RTP Battlebacks

    Just out of curiosity... What I’m gathering is that the visual representation is more key than ever to getting attention for your game. Do you think generic RTP battle backdrops are a deterrent to people enjoying your game? How much do you pay attention to the backdrop in a fight? I’m having a...
  7. Reinarc

    Hi there

    So I’ve lurked around these forums for a while, but rarely post. I’m an elementary school teacher by trade, and am working on my RPG Maker MZ project “Sempiternal” as a side project. The game itself is about 60% done, but it’s using a lot of default assets (as I’m just trying to finish the game...
  8. Reinarc

    RMMZ Descriptive State Display

    So I'm looking for something to give my players more information about what states are inflicted on enemies and players. Essentially, what I'm looking for is the State Tooltip Display plugin created by Olivia, but for RPG Maker MZ (fingers crossed she might make it soon! :)) That plugin is...

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