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  1. h0tWalker

    Stream Make a Game in MZ: Episode 19

    Haven't had the time to check it out properly yet, but I beleive Galv's MZ Cam Control could've done the trick on the little camera movement issue you had going on there. Galv's MZ Cam Control While I believe it locks the X and Y coordinates to a tile, the interest I had in it was to create an...
  2. h0tWalker

    The more I see, the better it gets:kaojoy:

    The more I see, the better it gets:kaojoy:
  3. h0tWalker

    Noob here, need help with tilesets.

    I use photoshop, so I haven't used Gimp personally, but it's a popular program for people who don't wanna spend money on Photoshop (as it's crazy expensive). PNG is the right file format, so I'm not sure if there is a setting that fills the void with a random color. Seeing as the color is...
  4. h0tWalker

    Noob here, need help with tilesets.

    The regular graphics can be found here if it's not in your projects by default: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\RPGXP\rtp Of course, you need to correct it to your actual pathing. If you own any DLCs, it's also gonna be available in the RPGXP folder. As for adding other items to a tileset, just use...
  5. h0tWalker

    Map Madness Semi-Finals, Match B Poll: 1. Ash_Dilan 2. WaywardMartian

    Looking through all the maps, I always looked for environmental story telling, or hints at whats going on around the maps. While I really enjoyed the map of the winter town due to it showing the daily life of its residents with footsteps in the snow, Entry 2 has me intrigued when it comes to the...
  6. h0tWalker

    Opinion on a "Home Base"

    I personally am always a fan of this, but I know people who dislike it. While some people enjoy RPGs for the traditional parts of it, others for complex mechanics like this, some just enjoy the story and nothing else. I'm mentioning this for two reasons; you gotta know which group your...
  7. h0tWalker

    RMMV Eniko: Ghosts Of Grace - An Action Adventure RPG

    I really love to come back and check the updates. The maps are super nice and its unique and has a style that stands out. You really utilize the MV3D to bring out a lot more in the maps which I just love. As for the soundtrack, it starts out with a feeling of mystique, followed by suspense...
  8. h0tWalker

    Pressure to perform

    I don't really have a problem with self-esteem or the bullying part. It doesn't affect me on a personal level, but my work instead (if it makes sense). I totally agree if people are stuck in a situation like that, they should definitely talk to a professional rather than ask people on forums. I...
  9. h0tWalker

    Pressure to perform

    Yeah, I always felt I had to make work to impress and prove people wrong, and to show them up. That in turn made it go from a hobby to quest of redemption. To prove others wrong and that I can, and that it is worthwhile. Perhaps that's when I lost sight of it as a hobby and what initially cause...
  10. h0tWalker

    Pressure to perform

    So for a long time I've wanted to get back into creating games again as a hobby. It was something I did for over 10 years, even took an education in, yet once done, abandoned it entirely. From a childhood dream, to a life long goal, I still hunt down that one dream to have completed just one...
  11. h0tWalker

    What did you study in high school/college?

    Industrial Engineering (as the classes were called), for building cranes and other structures for ships and oil rigs. After finishing my education I got an apprenticeship, which lasted a week. Then the oil industry crashed in Norway and thousands of people got dropped. Never got to work with it...
  12. h0tWalker

    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    It really depends on the story being told and the motivation that drives the character. My current project is a horror with an adult. The motivation is to find his daughter who is six or seven years old. Thats the main drive and what gets the story going. It doesn't have anything to do with the...
  13. h0tWalker

    Open love or secret love, which are you?

    I'd love to tell people, but they either have no interest or don't believe in my projects. I only talk about my projects with one online friend who really believes in me and wants me to complete my projects. Without him I'd never have returned to this hobby I guess.
  14. h0tWalker

    The plan is to use all the experience gained across the years to make a project that tests...

    The plan is to use all the experience gained across the years to make a project that tests plugins and create a nice narrative. Having atmosphere and mood as the most important aspect, which I primarily did in my spooktober jam, I hope to expand and build good experience for later projects :D
  15. h0tWalker

    haha, yea, while I still work on writing for the RPG, the horror is the main project till I can...

    haha, yea, while I still work on writing for the RPG, the horror is the main project till I can figure stuff out. So the horror game is just gonna be a test of multiple plugins and see what can be achieved. Then that experience translates into the next project ^w^
  16. h0tWalker

    When you really want to create an RPG but your not satisfied with your ideas and end up creating...

    When you really want to create an RPG but your not satisfied with your ideas and end up creating a project in a whole other genre instead (Horror). Not what I initially wanted, but got something going at least :rhappy:
  17. h0tWalker

    What is your "ideal" amount of party members in a standard RPG?

    I like different amounts, depending on the story. 5 or 6 for a smaller games, where they could be a support character that later joins the party or be a late introduction. The struggle I see a lot of games have is that most games introduce the entire party early in the game. The mechanics and...
  18. h0tWalker

    Move Toward Player uses Pathfinding

    Awesome! Was gonna look for a system to improve the pathfinding for monster chases. You definitely made my life a lot easier sharing this. Thanks for your hard work, and I can't wait to test this out while setting up the prototype of my project! :D
  19. h0tWalker

    Minecraft Meets GTA Meets Dugeons & Dragons

    The first thought that strikes me is overambitious. I don't know what you consider small as minecraft and D&D has no limits, and while GTA has a limitation to its world size, its still gigantic. Take into account that GTA and Cyberpunk, both have big cities, and both have focus on exterior...
  20. h0tWalker

    Hello world!

    Welcome to the forums! I also used an older engine (XP), and moved over to others when it got outdated. Glad to see that MZ didn't just bring me back to the community, but others as well. Out of curiosity, what is the fan game based off? Would be cool to see what its based on given your long...

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