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  1. Julien Brightside

    Getting an error in the Ace Save Engine after exporting game

    Using the Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Save Engine v1.03 # -- Last Updated: 2012.07.22 for my game. This worked in verison 0.90, but when I exported game version 1.00 I decided to encrypt the game. That is when people started to get this error. If people make a...
  2. Julien Brightside

    Do you associate certain music with a type of bosses?

    Do you associate certain music with a type of bosses? For instance: If the boss has its own chorus, you know it will be a hard one.
  3. Julien Brightside

    Idea for a forum generated rpgmaker world

    Like a keychain, the first person makes a flat map with rocks and mountains and exports it. Second makes rivers and grassland, exports it the third makes villages, exports it the fourth makes roads and towers.
  4. Julien Brightside

    Things to think about when you try to make a travelling game

    Title: Things to think about when you try to make a travelling game, (Sunless Sea, Banner Saga, Oregon trail) Are there any special tips or tricks that are good to remember when attempting to make something inspired by Oregon trail? So far I'm thinking that you'd have resources in...
  5. Julien Brightside

    Who else hoards DLCs like they were some sort of gamedragon?

    Who else hoards DLCs like they were some sort of gamedragon? I find a lot of value in the music ones though. At least those I can listen to without actually playing the game.
  6. Julien Brightside

    Setting a specific actor as party leader

    Scenario: In my game there's a hub where the main character can talk to his party members. The party members are set up as a seperate events. Problem: The game is set up so that the player can change the formation of their party. This leads to the situation where a party member...
  7. Julien Brightside

    Npcs and text

    Title: Npcs and text Question: Should all NPCs provide valuable information to the player, or is it okay to have some of them just say your usual random village banter?
  8. Julien Brightside

    Do you need "white noise" to work?

    I personally find it easier to work if there's some music or podcast in the background. Maybe I need to be distracted from realizing I`m actually working.
  9. Julien Brightside

    Analyzing monsters in battle

    I have seem to run into a conendrum. I try to make my character use a skill during battle to analyze the monsters and then say something out loud. I can't figure out why it doesn't work. Originally it was meant as: Use skill Trivia that uses comment event, Set variable Trivia = 1 In the...
  10. Julien Brightside

    Face for Fishman /Sahagin

    Face for Fishman /Sahagin I could have sworn there was one in the RTP, but I can't find it, I wonder if I oversaved it with some other faceset. I am making a fishman party member and thus I am the need of a fishman faceset. I tried searching the forums, but I didn't find what I was looking...
  11. Julien Brightside

    Is it possible to turn off the music for the game?

    Is it possible to turn off the music for the game? Program: Rpgmaker Vx Ace. For instance, when playtesting battles.
  12. Julien Brightside

    Thoughts about classes

    I am thinking that classes would be defined upon what attributes that the various character focus on. For instance: Attack Defense Health Agility Attack+Agility = Berserker Defense+Health = Guardian Then you have some more attributes: Magic Power Magic Resistance Then you got...
  13. Julien Brightside

    Keyboard button equals use of skill, help?

    In my game one of my character has a skill called Trivia that can be used outside of battle. It just is the characters talking among themselves. When the skill is used, it sets the trivia variable value to =1. through a common event. In the map there's a parallell event that checks if...
  14. Julien Brightside

    Do you have religion in your game?

    Many games feature temples that players ressurect when dying. Usually they are run by a priest and priests are usually the front spokesman about their religion. What are your thoughts about these temples? Do you have religion in your game? What roles do the gods play in your game? Are your...
  15. Julien Brightside

    If you were a god, what would your powers be?

    As the title suggests: If you were a god, what would your powers be?
  16. Julien Brightside

    Forum Game, Pantheon

    Inspired by: A pantheon is a collection of gods. I figured, let's make our own little Pantheon with gods and demigods. Works like, A god has...
  17. Julien Brightside

    Corrupted file when downloading

    I am not quite sure what happened, but I tried to compress my game, upload and then make it so that people can download it. But then they say they get two empty folders whereas they can't delete one of them. ANyone experienced this problem before? I am using mediafire for upload...
  18. Julien Brightside

    Not the correct sprite showing

    Hey, I have this scene where a monster/antagonist moves towards the player character and after being defeated it is supposed to have a certain "damaged/fallen" sprite. Though, It has a completely different one. I am not sure why. Do the move thing affect the sprite even being in a new page?
  19. Julien Brightside

    Making movies, help

    There is a possibility to have movies in the RPG game, but these have to be in an .ogg file. How do I make these? Should I make a movie in flash, and then convert it, or is there an own creator for such files?
  20. Julien Brightside

    RMVXA EvilOverlord (being the bad guy) Demo available.

    Version 1.01 Doesn't crash when saving. Version 1.00 The game now has an ending. Version 0.9 Added a new chapter. Added a new party member to choose...

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