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  1. Developer Console

    What key is kTILDE? Whenever i change it to the C key or something it dosnt work...
  2. Checkpoint System

    Oh ya I never really though of that...hmmm I might just make a horror game...
  3. Checkpoint System

    Isnt this is what saves are for? Oh well Nice script :)
  4. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Oh thanks so much i am 12 so....Its kinda confusing considering im just learning algebra :P
  5. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Im sorry but i am quite the noob...Demo please?
  6. Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    WOW!!! YOU FINISHED IT!!! OH, THANK YOU!!! I will definetly use this all the time than you so much!!!
  7. Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    Ok, Thank you! I will skim through those calls in a little, but....Can you still make a demo? Please! :lol:
  8. Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015) sorry...But...I am very new....Can you make a tutorial of some sort? Or even better...Can you make a demo? PLEASE!!!
  9. Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    How do you make a two player game?
  10. VE - Visual Equip

    Hey, I have been waiting forever for a script like this! But....There is no error message...It just dosn't show a single thing when I equip arnor... :\ please help, am i missing anything? (P.S. I do have newest version of Basic Module for Victor Engine)
  11. Controller System

    Oh cool thanks
  12. Controller System

    Wait what...? controller enabled is already in the engine rpg maker vx ace?
  13. Controller System

    OMG!!! thank you so much!! it works!!! i was positive that there wouldnt be a script for that!!! OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
  14. Sapphire Action System IV

    i like but it is way way way to complicated to use :\
  15. Controller System

    Hello all scripters needed!!! I have been playing so many games lately and most of them have had controller systems meaning you can plug a Xbox 360 controller into a USB port and (not RPG maker games) i was wondering if there is any way that u can enable or disable controller setting therefore...
  16. Mysterious August Contest!

    can we also sell the game that we enter?
  17. Map System

    Wow! I had been wanting to do this forever! Thank You!
  18. Phone?

    I can download my game onto my phone but when i click on the exe it says no applications can run this... is there any way to play on my phone?

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