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  1. 999Hp

    RMMV Omnitopia

    "Omnitopia" is a turn-based JRPG with a twist. Play up to 6 unique playable scenarios in the first part of the game, before the main plot is opened up and the player becomes free to explore both old and new areas - with a 3-member team this time! The game's influences range from "Live a Live"...
  2. 999Hp

    Remove Help Window Background (RMMV)

    Hey, I was wondering, how can we remove the "dimmed" background of the Help Window ? I searched a thread about it but without success, also i'm bat at javascript so i don't know which line of code to change to remove this.
  3. 999Hp

    Skip Menu Actor Confirm (RM MV)

    Hello, In the menu of my game, i always need to confirm the actor when i select Skill / Equip or Status scene, but since there is only 1 character in my entire game, i would like to delete this confirm input, any dev know which line to change ? I didn't find a plugin for this sadly and i'm...
  4. 999Hp

    Skip Skill Confirm (RM MV)

    Hello everybody, I've searched on the forum for a plugin or a solution for this one but with no success, that's why i'm creating this thread. The problem : In the combat of my game, there will only be one character playable through all the game, then when i use "Heal" skill, i need to confirm...
  5. 999Hp

    How to get clean Sprites (not blurry)

    Hi everybody, It's been 2 days i've been searching around a solution for this problem but with no success... Let me explain quickly : i created a sprite on photoshop with a resolution of 375x335 , 72DPI, RVB, transparent background. In photoshop, the sprites looks really clean, even with a big...
  6. 999Hp

    GUI Design Problem

    Hi, I'm currently encountering an issue with the battle gui of my project, i'll show you 2 images so you'll understand quickly : '][/URL] now it appears like this, i just want to kill the empty space of the status window because this is a single actor/two actor game like this : '][/URL]...
  7. 999Hp

    Remove completely partycommand

    Hello, I've been searching for hours, how to remove the partycommand "fight/flee" option box at the start of the battle. All i found was plugin, like yanfly but i don't want to use yanfly script, and srdude gui core plugin but it only hides it, it doesn't remove this. So my question is how to...

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