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  1. Player-Profile Plugin

    Hello Community. Is it possible to do ah Profile Plugin ? Like in Moba Games (Leauge of Legends, Heroes of the Storm) ? Basically to use it for Actor 1. Which means, if you teleport on the Map, the Profile Actor isn't in the Menu and don't be a playable Character in Battles. It...
  2. RPG Maker MV New Version Setup + Generator Crash 1.1.0

    Hello Community. I dont know, if this is the right place for it, but where are the newest email with the download link for the full version of 1.1.0 ?? Because, the Rpg Webpage got still the 1.0.0 Version and my Shopping Cart only have the Essentials from the Pre Order. I thought, we...
  3. [Request] Minimap for Maps

    Hello Community, I need a Plugin to do a Minimap for Maps. With just few options of the Pictures. Options: Turn ON/OFF the Minimap via Switch. Picture 1: Border for the Background Minimap. Picture 2: Picture of the Map Picture 3: Arrow Picture for the Player Zoom In/Out with small...
  4. Download Email gets update ?

    Hello Community, It's about 2 Days now, which we can use the new Rpg Maker. Since, there are many Bugs on it, is there any chance we get a new Email with the solved Plugins and a fixed MV Edition in the Future ? Because, i read the entire Forum now and it seems a lot of Solutions are coming...
  5. Greater Screen Resolution...

    Hi Community. I am really happy with the new Maker, but i have one disapointed thing with the higher Screen Resolution. Greater Screen is nice but really ? My entire Map is wide open with higher Resolution. I mean it's nice in the default Settings, but if you do 1080p, my character transform...

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