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  1. Rayter

    Help out a Beginner? In Need of Advice!

    Hello everyone! I want to make a short game on RPG maker VX ACE, but I don't want to use the defaults; I wish to create my own. I want to ask about few other things on the topic as well... What can I use to make character pictures like this? Same for monsters? (doesn't have to be high...
  2. Rayter

    Could use some help!

    Heyoo! I am experimenting and trying to make a draft project right now! (meaning I'm figuring out the program and making a sample game.) I'm wanting to use assets from a sort of Japanese-style school/Town. But I know next to nothing about asset creation and I can't find one that is downloadable...

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Yay! the original character contest 3 pack is here!
Both MV and MZ looks very good, congratulation for both RMW and Tkool participant!
I definitely can add these characters to use for my game project.

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The worst part of game development has to be marketing. Ugh...
May be starting a new job in a month or so. The thought is both exciting and terrifying.
Not like a rollercoaster though. Rollercoasters are just terrifying.
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