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  1. DrXGB

    A little more of the CMS. #rm2k #DestinyPatch [IMG]

    A little more of the CMS. #rm2k #DestinyPatch
  2. DrXGB

    Running won't works

    Good! Sometimes a little of rest could be the key :wink: Also, I have a Rm2k course on YouTube. There are almost 90 lessons until now. These videos are on Brazilian Portuguese, but some auto subtitles maybe can help you to follow the content. Some of basic features can be useful for Rm2k3 too...
  3. DrXGB

    Running won't works

    The correct is None. It's the same thing.
  4. DrXGB

    Running won't works

    In this case, the WalkingSpeed event should have a Call (or None, I forgot) Trigger instead of Parallel Process, only the Running event must be a Parallel Process.
  5. DrXGB

    Running won't works

    Exactly. That's the one of advantages of Common Events: reusing. It can be triggered on every map. When the event is triggered by a Parallel Process, you can just set a switch to run the event in another thread (or you can use without switch to start unconditionally).
  6. DrXGB

    Running won't works

    No problem. Let's go! (Sorry my lack of attention, I called you as bro being a girl xD) The map 0004 can be discarded. Once you have set an event as Parallel Process, there's no need to be called (watch if there's a condition switch and make sure that it's set on). Back to Running Common Event...
  7. DrXGB

    Running won't works

    The problem is on the logic implementation. Try this pseudocode: <>: Key Input Processing: [xxxx: nKeyCode] <>: IF [xxxx: nKeyCode] == 7 <>: Run <>: Change Switch: [xxxx: bRunning] Set ON <>: : Else <>: If: [xxxx: bRunning] is ON <>: Walk Speed <>: Change Switch...
  8. DrXGB

    Running won't works

    Disable the "Wait until pressed" on Key Input Processing. When this option is marked, the command waits for a key release from the user to listen the key again.
  9. DrXGB

    Cursor won't appear on my menu

    I believe that the problem is on the picture layer. Have you tried to put it on a upper layer? Menus are used to be at the topmost layer.
  10. DrXGB

    Custom Message System - Rm2k with Destiny Patch [IMG]

    Custom Message System - Rm2k with Destiny Patch
  11. DrXGB


    You can use an event and place it at the hero's position, for example. Or use an image as you said. Both of them are good solutions.
  12. DrXGB

    help! map tree data is corrupted!

    Do you remember that you have deleted any map in your project? That's could be the most common reason to break the map tree. Try to do the following test: Look up for the maps ID in your project folder. Check whether all the ID's are in sequence. For example: let's suppose that the project has...
  13. DrXGB

    How do I import ChipSets into the game without an error message?

    Probably you are trying to import a 24-bit color PNG. You must to convert it to a 8-bit indexed color to be accepted. There are a bunch of tools that can do this, but I like to use XnView to do these jobs.
  14. DrXGB

    EARTHBOUND's "Nothing Wrong Here"

    No. Each event has his own actions. You'll just create a new blank page on the events that the player must interact.
  15. DrXGB

    EARTHBOUND's "Nothing Wrong Here"

    Only the first page can be called. So you need to place all the conditions inside this page. You can also use call events inside this page to make the code clearer if you need. The last page is blank to avoid calling confliction.
  16. DrXGB

    EARTHBOUND's "Nothing Wrong Here"

    Yep, because it's a common event. Just set the switch ON once and let the system make everything for you =D
  17. DrXGB

    EARTHBOUND's "Nothing Wrong Here"

    Try this :) Firstly, create an event that will be running in a thread using the Parallel Process trigger. I set a switch because you are able to enable or disable the function as you need (e.g. menu and cutscenes). On the Key Input Processing command, check the Select key (5) and Wait for Key...
  18. DrXGB

    How many pictures, ChipSets, CharSets, BGM and sounds can RPG Maker 2000's database support

    On the Rm2k's Steam version, you can fit up to 1000 pictures on the same screen. Another database objects (Charsets, Chipsets, Actors, etc.) the limit is 9999 items, that's a huge value to a Rm2k game so don't worry about it :)
  19. DrXGB

    #WIP Metal Tactics's TBS (2015 vs 2021) [IMG] [IMG]

    #WIP Metal Tactics's TBS (2015 vs 2021)
  20. DrXGB

    A Destiny Patch user is coming

    Hello there! o/ I am Dr.XGB, a brazilian Rm2k/2k3 developer. My favorite engine is Rm2k, I use Destiny Patch since 2013 and I also did several systems using it. Besides, I'm studying the DynRPG for 2k3, both of them are great patches and I would like to share some contents about furthermore...

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