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  1. DragonVoxSolar

    RMMV Is there a bestiary plugin?

    Hi. I really wanted to add a bestiary to my game. Is there any plugins?
  2. DragonVoxSolar

    RMMV How do I make some shop items limited?

    The title says all.
  3. DragonVoxSolar

    RMMV How to change the movement keys?

    I am looking for a way to change the normal arrow keys to the w a s d keys. Is there a way I can do that?
  4. DragonVoxSolar

    RMMV how do i add special effects?

    How would i add special effects to a map? like fog or sunlight?
  5. DragonVoxSolar

    how to make a enemy weak to a element?

    I am making a flower enemy but i do not know how to make it weak to fire. how do i make it weak to fire?
  6. DragonVoxSolar

    How to change move keys in rpg maker mv?

    Hello, I have always wanted to change the movement keys to a different key like wsad. Is there a way to do so?
  7. DragonVoxSolar

    RMMV Is there a quick skill formula for mv?

    Hello. I used rpg maker vx ace for a while and used the quick setting option for the skill formula. i have gotten mv now and used it for a while but they got rid of the quick setting for it. i will list the pic below Would anyone know a plugin or something to add this?
  8. DragonVoxSolar

    Bandit sprite needed [MV]

    Hello, i am looking for a bandit sprite for my game. i already have one but it would not fit the sort of medieval fantasy bandit gang i am making. heres what the one i have looks like: so would anyone know...
  9. DragonVoxSolar

    How do i fix the black bars?

    Hello. when you play your rpg maker mv game and put it to full screen you see these black bars. is there any way to fix it? like a plugin or option?
  10. DragonVoxSolar

    Im Looking for free town music.

    Hello, i am looking for a free town music soundtrack for my game. I need it for a town that i am making, would anyone know where to find some or know some? if so please tell me. does not need to be the rpg maker mv requirement for music.

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