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  1. Creature Integration (solved)

    Creature is a program that makes animations. With help from poryg, I have a project that can play these animations. What I need is a plugin that can play the animations (from creature) that i have and stop playing it when i tell it to. (on map only. i do not need this to work in battles). It...
  2. How to use runtimes so a program can be used in rpg maker mv

    I want to use creature (an animation software) in rpg maker mv. It has a pixi runtime, but I'm not sure how to use a runtime in rpg maker so that i can import the animation from creature to work. i know it is possible because a runtime was used to make spine and dragonbones work in rpg maker mv...
  3. how to check if mouse button is pressed

    i could only find the code for if a key is pressed. how would i check if the player is holding down left click? how do i do that with right click? i want to make a skill in an abs that shoots a bullet as long as the player keeps holding down the mouse button
  4. How to make game overs impossible

    I've added knockout state resist to the actor and class of the player but game over still occurs. is there some way to make it impossible for the player to die? in the system part of rpg maker, there is a box to turn on knockout by slip and floor damage. this makes it so players cant die to...
  5. Quasi movement error with yanfly event chase

    When I use quasi movement and yanfly's event chase plugins the characters did not move. Quasi made a compatibility patch for this called update movement patches and characters could move again, but if you attack them with a ranged arrow from a bow outside of their detection radius in yanfly's...

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