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  1. Nacura

    RMMV Plugin All in one Requests

    Hello Consult there is a plugin that you can use 1 window but everything is inside. Let me explain, when opening the menu, it shows statistics, items, skills that I have in a single window. Thank you!
  2. Nacura

    how can i show a script in elections

    Hello good. See how I can show a script in these options. thanks
  3. Nacura

    Script: check if the actor is equipped with a weapon

    Hello I need help, I am creating a verification script, where I verify if the actor or group is equipping a weapon, I leave below the script I have. $gameActors(1).equips(0).nil? Greetings and thanks
  4. Nacura

    Help Regeneration in battle

    Hello everyone! I need help from you, how can I make my character regenerate every second, but inside the battle? When I'm struggling to regenerate every second, it's obviously 120 frames, if you could help me. I only have the one that regenerates out of battle. Thanks :D
  5. Nacura

    Tileset problem Waterfall

    Hello, I have a doubt if you could help me with a waterfall tileset, which I can not make it move, I'll leave the user's link Beforehand thank you very much
  6. Nacura

    Boss Life Save

    hi friends a query, there is some plugin that can mabteber life without restarting the Boss, example has 10,000 of life and attacked but when the time ends it takes me out of the game, but the enemy keeps the remaining life, and then entered and attacked the boss again. I will leave a photo as...
  7. Nacura

    Adobe Animate, flash menu

    Hello good friends A query, I was watching an Adobe Animate program, and I saw that you can do menu, with buttons etc, when you create a new file has the HTML5 mode and WebGl, Then I want to know if you can add a custom menu, or just show x thing, for example the map or a simple image inside...
  8. Nacura

    Help with this script

    Hello, I need your help, I am creating a HUD, but there is a script that is to calculate the HP / MHP but what does not work, I will leave the page so they can review the script. I have the Plugin SRD_HudMaker, but it does not give me the personalization for each character, since when starting...
  9. Nacura

    show, wait frame, in message

    Hello I wanted to know how I can show in a message the remaining frames, by choosing "900 waiting frames", I want it to be seen in the message when consulting the event. I'm making a mine, and when I get gold, it should wait 1800 seconds, but I can not show it at the table. Use the Yanfy -...
  10. Nacura

    ambient sound panning

    Hello everyone I need a help as I can normalize a sound, cascade example, search but not found anything, or if there is a script or something like that if you could help me. Thank you very much
  11. Nacura

    Script Map ID $gameMap._mapId

    Hi. I need you to help me with the Map Id script, I use this script: $ gameMap._mapId But I need the same but specific, for example, the map number I need is map 1 (001: Tests), here attached example $ gameMap._mapId (1) $ gameMap._map (1) $ gameMap ._ (1) but this script does not recognize...
  12. Nacura

    Mana Regeneration Script

    Hi, I have this yanfly script if I'm not wrong, but I want to use it but it regenerates mana instead of life. <Regen Animation: 41> <Regen Formula: a.mdf> <Regen Element: 1> <Regen Variance: 25%>
  13. Nacura

    show information map Script

    Hello Well annoying you again :3, if you can help me, I need a script that when I use the regeneration skill within the battle, it re-checks if I'm on X map, and when there is regeneration it increases by 25%. I do not know if it is possible to do it, but I will be aware, since I have a script...
  14. Nacura

    Script to verify if I am in battle

    Hello Well again you need your help, I wanted to know there is a script that checks if I am in battle, example I need to make a derivation and I want to see if it is fulfilled, I want to consume X object, but when I consume this I will check whether I am in the battle or not. So that would be...
  15. Nacura

    Show skill damage in a skill description.

    Hello I hope I'm not wrong of threads, I have a question How can I visualize the amount of damage that a skill would do in the description of the same, Example: Fire ability: This ability deals (+120) damage and burns it to the enemy (+12) per turn what is in () is the damage done by the...
  16. Nacura

    Call Script error

    Hello good afternoon I have a small problem with Script Call, and what I need to do a verification: $gameMap.event(Roca).x === $gameMap.event(this._Activador).x && $gameMap.event(Roca).y === $gameMap.event(this._Activador).y It is like this only that instead of the player is another event...

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