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  1. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    It's possible to adjuts how many columns and rows each scene will have, and Visustella made a incredible job giving access to us to change it. Look at "JS Code" on the Plugin Parameters, there's a LOT that can be customizable through logic.
  2. PauloHPBender

    What kind of class systems do you use?

    It's hard for me to set "classes" for my characters, specially in my current project, mostly because I like to see them as something like "MobA Heroes", with their own, personal abilities, not necessarily aligned with classes. Brenda, the Blade Maiden, is a melee fighter with overall average...
  3. PauloHPBender

    Town exploration incentives. No ransacking NPC homes.

    In my project, most of the villagers' houses are locked, with a few of them even being opened by the houseowner, that speaks to the player and goes back inside. Unlocked houses are rare, plot-relevant, and visually indicated ingame.
  4. PauloHPBender

    Creative Inn/Tavern Idea?

    Taverns are actually very important in my project; - They are the only places where the player has access to Team Formation. - Each actor has a interactable NPC, where the player can lollygag and learn more about lore and about the Team Affinity. - The bartender always knows rumors about places...
  5. PauloHPBender

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    @The Row , the forest is more like a region than a dungeon, with 2 caves (each of them with a few levels), and the whole forest can be traveled by land, or through the trees canopies and wooden bridges, hence the quasi-absurd size.
  6. PauloHPBender

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    @Lone Wolf , thanks a LOT for this, you are a life saver! @wrigty12 , thankf for the plugin, gonna check this out!
  7. PauloHPBender

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    I could make a "Push Wolves/Encoutners" event with a lot of " $gameMap.encounterList.push(encounter)", each one refering to a specific map of the forest? Or will it be needed to make a parallel process event that runs whenever the player enters each map?
  8. PauloHPBender

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    The forest itself is vast, with 19 maps that measure 60x60... Seems and feels like a simple, and yet unoptimized solution... Which is sad, because I would love to have more control over Encounter Tables, to enrich the experience in more dungeons of the game.
  9. PauloHPBender

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    Howdy, fellow developers! There will be a vast, dungeon-like forest in my game, and in the deepest place of this forest, a boss awaits. This boss, however, is determined by previous events, before the players enther the forest. There are 2 possible bosses: - The Acrid Wolf - The Burning Stag...
  10. PauloHPBender

    Minion Quest type game

    @SumRndmDde had a plugin for "Quick Time Event" skills, and by my experience, actors with Auto Battle settings will occasionally use skills that require a Quick Time Event to be more effective. Maybe having a playable actor as the Captain, and giving QTE skills for the minions might be your way...
  11. PauloHPBender

    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Howdy, developers! How do I: - Completely nullify TP natural Gain? - Hide TP Bars outside of battles? I want TP Bars only to be shown in battle, and each character will have it's own methods of gaining TP.
  12. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Hey there, @Trihan ! I thought that I was able to pull off the "Fire Eater" code in my state... Would you kindly help me with this one, pal?
  13. PauloHPBender

    Deciding optimal screen resolution

    This actually looks very nice! thanks for the tip, gonna use it.
  14. PauloHPBender

    I need help with creating a skill

    I'd rather use Visustella's Batte Core, and make a state called "3rd Strike Cooldown"; this state will be needed both for the heavier damage, and for the cooldown. Using a Custom Action Sequence, I would check if the user has the "3rd Strike Cooldown" state; if it has, the whole 3rd strike is...
  15. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I have an idea, but please be assured that's a rushed idea: For this example, let's assume only 3 elements: - Fire - Ice - Lightning you're gonna make 6 passive states: 3 will be stored in your Dragon race: - [10]Fire Dragon Resistance - [11] Ice Dragon Resistance - [12] Lightning Dragon...
  16. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Found what you're looking for in Items and Equips Core, right here. You can also use the "Seal Equip" trait, but it's gonna show the equip slots, making them unaccessible.
  17. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I didn't undertand that part. What do you mean by it? If the actor takes damage from a certain element, it gains resistance against it? If the actor learns some elemental spells, it gains resistance, in some sort of "elemental expertise"?
  18. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I tried to replicate what you're trying to achieve, and all you gotta do is to put the <Passive State: XX> notetag on your skill. As soon as your character learns the skill, it will also receive the passive state. If you are trying to create "Passive Skills", that are not usable in any occasion...
  19. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Any ideas on how to make a "Hidden" State? The character would use a skill called "Hide", where it leaves the battle field, becoming unreachable for enemies. While in this state, the character is only capable to use "Unhide" and "Shot" skills.
  20. PauloHPBender

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Thanks a lot! Since this notetag is on Battle Core, and not in SkillState Core, I got a little confused. About the code, I'll look into old Yanfly's Tips and Tricks and try to adapt it myself, maybe this could be educational.

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