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  1. Zael

    Bug Movement Route: Jump Z values

    Playing around in MZ and I noticed that when issuing a Movement Route: Jump command, the Player and Followers' sprites' Z values behave really oddly. They jump over map tiles marked with a "Star" and under Events marked as "Same as characters" when they should go under map tiles marked with a...
  2. Zael

    RPG Maker MV Tutorial - Breath of Fire III's Examine

    I wanted to perfect Rellik's (a character from my game) acquisition of Enemy Skills, so I worked at it until I figured out how to replicate the Examine Skill from Breath of Fire III. I attached a Scan effect from Yanfly's Tips and Tricks to the Skill, so Rellik can gauge their weaknesses and...
  3. Zael

    RPG Maker MV Tutorial - Leveled Shops

    It has always bothered my in games when you get to the next town and they have better loot in the Shops than the previous town. If the guys in the last town wanted to, they could take over the world with their superior weaponry. So I made a Tutorial on how to make your Shops level with the...
  4. Zael

    Clarity's Edge Development

    Clarity's Edge is our first project, and the Demo / Open Beta is now available! So check back here regularly for updates, new screenshots, character profiles, and all things related to Clarity's Edge.         These are the main Playable Characters in Clarity's Edge:  ...
  5. Zael

    Hello, my name is Zael

    Hello everyone, some of you may know me (I've been a member of the RPGMaker Community for a while, but I've never been very active until RPGMaker MV), so I figured I would take the time to formally introduce myself. I am a 31 year old male from Texas, and as an RPGMaker user I am...

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