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  1. antega34

    MZ Dog and Fairy SV Battlers Request

    Resource Type: Sideview Actor Battler Maker/Art Format: RPG Maker MZ Description: Hi there! I'm hoping to request sideview actor battlers of the Nature_1 and Nature_6 characters from MZ, a.k.a. the dog and fairy characters. I have tried making them from edits to mixed results which is why I...
  2. antega34

    MZ Essentials Edit

    Please take this down if I am unable to post edits of this DLC, but I noticed the MZ Essentials dlc had issues with this character's hat/hair where often the hat would sway to the side and seem off, and likewise the Hair would appear on top of the hat instead of under. Also often the tip of the...
  3. antega34

    Actor3_4 SV

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out with making a sideview battler sprite for Actor 3_4. I've tried making one with the in game generator as I noticed some of the characters without SV could be made through that however I'm having an especially difficult time with this actor...
  4. antega34

    RPG Maker DS Resource Pack Issue

    Hi I am just writing about 2 issues ive had purchasing the RPG Maker DS Resource pack for MV, as well as DS+. Althought I love the first pack and all the content included, I did have an issue where this portrait for the princess character was transparent for some reason. I don't think this was...
  5. antega34

    (MV) Request for Actor3_1/3 Sideview Battlers

    Hey everyone, so like many others I noticed the lack of sideview battlers that came with the RTP for the Actor3 set, luckily users on here have provided matching sprites for the princess and Valkyrie characters in this set. However, I cannot find ones for the prince and older warrior man so I...
  6. antega34

    Reserve Party Size

    Hey everyone! I'm currently trying to figure out a method to have a overall party size of 10 with 4 party members that can battle, 6 reserves, and a bunch more (34 in my case haha) that are recruited but do not tag a long with the party in a sort of storage or guild place, ala Pokemon's pc...
  7. antega34

    Frontview Battle System with Walking Sprites

    Hi all, so I had posted this elsewhere before but realized it was in the wrong area, so I'm posting it here where it is suppose to be. I'm looking for a script that would allow you to use the default character walking sprites in place of the battle actor sprites that comes with MV, as though...
  8. antega34

    Limited Stock in Shops

    I was wondering if there was a way to have a limited stock for certain items in a shop, for instance you would buy something once but then it would not be available after the initial purchase. Or perhaps being able to remove/hide the item after its purchased so it is no longer shown as available...
  9. antega34

    Party Guest/Pet Follower MV

    Hi there, I'm planning on have a character that will essentially follow the party around as a pet/guest party member but that won't actually participate in battle. So I was wondering it there was a plugin or wat to do this, maybe something similar to Mr. Bubble's script party guests (although i...
  10. antega34

    Question regarding the MV battle system...

    Hi, first of all I gotta say I'm loving RPG Maker MV right now, the effort and amount of content everyone put it was really amazing and I wanna thank you guys for that! My question, however, is if there was a way (maybe a plugin? i haven't found one yet though) to use the default walking...
  11. antega34

    Member+ Questions

    Hi I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this, but I had some questions about the Member+ subscription that I was hoping someone could answer. So, if I purchase Member+ (once the store is fixed), its my understanding that I will only have access to the resources available this month...
  12. antega34

    Looking for Monster3 Faces

    So, as the title says, I'm looking for someone who can make a faceset for the Monster4 sprites, or if anyone know of one already made. This is the charset corresponding to the faceset I'm looking for in case you don't know what I'm talking about: Thanks so much to anyone who can do this/find...

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