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  1. PauloHPBender

    [SOLVED] Two (or more) Encounter Tables per map?

    Howdy, fellow developers! There will be a vast, dungeon-like forest in my game, and in the deepest place of this forest, a boss awaits. This boss, however, is determined by previous events, before the players enther the forest. There are 2 possible bosses: - The Acrid Wolf - The Burning Stag...
  2. PauloHPBender

    RMMZ [Visustella Battle Core] Devour Skill?

    Greetings, fellow developers! I have a playable character with a skill called "Devour"; it deals damage, no big deal. The special effect of this skill, however, is a bit complicated: This character has a exclusive equipment slot called "Essence"; Essences can't be unequipped, nor are available...
  3. PauloHPBender

    RMMZ Custom State Notetags?

    Howdy, fellow developers! I'm currently working with Visustella's plugins, and I would like to know if there's any way to make custom states like Yanfly's former State Core plugins, more specifically states that change their bevahior after healing, of after the afflicted entity dealt any damage.
  4. PauloHPBender

    Character Concept: The Morphling

    This is a extra, pseudo-secret character that I'm planning for my game. At certain point, the heroes reach a ancient alchemical lab, with the necessary paraphernalia to create a homunculus, an artificial life. If the player decides to do so, a list of ingredients will be needed, which leads the...
  5. PauloHPBender

    [RMMZ] (Help) Affinity System and Status Menu

    I'm trying to implement a Affinity System for my project, using Visustella plugins. There are a few, important steps that I'm following: There are 8 playable characters in my game, each of them excels in a specific parameter: - Brenda (HP) - Cedric (MP) - Yvanna (Physical Defense) - Argus...
  6. PauloHPBender

    RMMZ [Visustella] Crashing on my first Action Sequence attempt...

    Greetings, fellow developers! I've tried to make my first custom Action Sequence, a simple dual strike. I know that i could use the "Repeat" option on the Skills tab, but I want each strike to use a different animation. Right now I'm facing a weird bug, where the game crashes as soon as the...
  7. PauloHPBender

    RMMZ [Visustella] How/Where to change the Hit × EVA formula

    Greetings, fellow developers! I've been looking everywhere inside Visustella's Battle Core and Skills States Core, trying to find where could I change the Hit formula, but without success. Any ideas about how could I change it. The formula that I'm trying to achieve follows below: Hit Chance...
  8. PauloHPBender

    RMMZ [Visustella] Replacing Guard Skill?

    Greetings, fellow developers! Here's the deal: - There's only one character on my project that is capable of using Shields. - Each shield provides a special Guard Skill (e.g.: Thorns Shield provides a "Spiky Guard" skill) My idea was to make each shield to replace the Guard Skill with it's own...
  9. PauloHPBender

    RMMZ [Visustella] Change Attack's Skill icon based on equipped weapon?

    Greetings, fellow developers! I was wondering if it's possible, specially by using Visustella's plugins, to make the Attack Skill change it's icon based on the character's equipped weapon. Technically, I know that I could do a Attack Skill for each weapon, and then use the "Attack Skill"...
  10. PauloHPBender

    7 [YEP] [Buffs & States Core] Damage Conversion ignoring Element check?

    Hello there, makers! I've been working in a special skill for my game. The character uses a skill called "Elemental Aura", which leads to a choice section. Each choice leads to the apply of a different State, called "[Selected Element] Aura" All these states to the same thing: while active, any...
  11. PauloHPBender

    Reload Skill [Using Yanfly's Skill Core and Buff & States Core & Weapon Unleash]

    Salutations, developers! One of my characters is a mage gunner; her pistol is fueled by her magic power, dealing Magic damage at each strike. However, due to balancing issues, this shooting power has to be limited by some sort of ammo. When using an Arcane Pistol, the weapon has these...
  12. PauloHPBender

    Storing Values into an actor?

    Hello there, makers! One of my characters is a swordsman, whose skills are divided into two:  - Slashes, direct hit skills with low-average damage.  - Blades, special states thar amplify the effectiveness of the next Slash used. I've been used Yanfly's Damage Core to create custom...
  13. PauloHPBender

    Two Damage Instances, but with different formulas, in one single skill?

    I'm trying to make a skill called "Thunder Punch", where the actor does two damage instances against the target: the first one is a physical, concussion type damage, based on it's ATK, while the second one is a magic, electric type damage, based on it's MATK. The problem is, I'm not being able...
  14. PauloHPBender

    Axe's Culling Blade

    Greetings, developers! I'm trying to make a skill that deals damage against a Target and, if it's remaining hit poins are lesser than the damage taken, it dies instantly, but i don't know how to check, inside the skill effect itself, how much damage was dealt. Any help? I'm using Yanfly...
  15. PauloHPBender

    Stacking Buffs? [Yanfly Engine Plugins]

    Greetings, developers! After a few weeks trying and learning, I've started my project a few days ago. In this project, i'm trying to implement a buff/debuff system a little different from the original, for the following reasons:  - The "buffs" have no duration; they last as long as the...

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