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  1. taylorpayton

    Taylor's Art

    Super kind, Y'all! I've been at this a minute, I assure you. I've had a tablet since I was 14 years old, and I'm turning 30 this month, soo... Here's a lil' more art - character commissions from 2017.
  2. taylorpayton

    Taylor's Art

    I'm here to share some of my favorite works! This is from a personal project I work on from time to time. Inspired by Akihiko Yoshida and the FF Tactics Series.
  3. taylorpayton

    Satoya's Artwork

    Wow. I really love the overall vibes of your aesthetic. Liberistella feels like it's FF inspired, but distinct enough to be it's own wistful world. Love the pixels and concepts - they feed the imagination wonderfully.
  4. taylorpayton

    Freelance Artist and RPG fan on the scene.

    Hey Y'all. I'm a 29-year old artist who's been working as a freelancer since 2013. I run a Youtube channel where I teach drawing as well. When I'm not working on client work, I typically write and draw personal stuff related to IP's I've got brewing. I try to put in some time for composing...
  5. taylorpayton

    Path of the Martyrs

    Congrats on the finish! Your protagonist's art looks cool in terms of design. I was always a fan of skill tree mechanics! Hope you find plenty of success.
  6. taylorpayton

    Amy's Artwork

    This has been a really fun and appealing thread to weave through. Your pixel stuff is stellar. Keep up the great work!

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