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  1. Sugar Rush

    Mac Installation - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    So, I added the serial key to steam as was described in the email I received. It correctly recognized it and now says Purchased for RPG Maker MV. Where is the option to install it?  Am I missing something?  Screen grabs would help out greatly.
  2. Sugar Rush

    Grid Size, Resolution, Resources . . . Oh My!

    Question #1: I have about 1 billion resources at my disposal for 32x32 grid size graphics. Will this grid size be editable? I know that there is no innate way to do it, but if it is at least in the realm of possible, that's fine for me. Question #2: So RMVX resolution was at 544x416 or a 17x13...
  3. Sugar Rush

    Liscensing and Updates

    This is an amazing feat and I personally am very excited, especially for the iPhone aspect of it. The question that I have is, will the one time software purchase give access to future updates or is there a planned obsolescence type scheme where RPG Maker MV 2016 will be available for purchase...
  4. Sugar Rush

    Kaduki Actors 04 and 19 Recolor

    So I love these two sprites, they are exactly what I am looking for except for one thing . . . the goggles.  If they didn't have the goggles they could easily be main characters in an RPG that doesn't require a flying ship or an engineer.  I posted the link below that has Kaduki Actors 19 and...

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