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  1. Mansion Oni

    This is the first RPG Maker game I've ever published in public. If anyone would like to try it, feel free to here: Gameplay video (credit: StriHiryu):  Oscar, a seventeen year old high-schooler, heads into a mansion and he is doing a...
  2. How to Upload Game onto a Weebly Website?

    Hi, So I'm trying to upload my game onto a brand new Weebly site I've created, so I'm able to test games out on a website and possibly make a website for all my games to go on, besides downloading them and playing them. However, I'm stumped. So my question is, how do you deploy the game...
  3. Sprite Importing Issue

    Hi, everyone. I'm trying to make an Ao Oni fan-created game, and I'm struggling with importing the sprites. I have a 4x4 sprite that I want to use in the game, however, it's a little larger than expected. I would like to use this sprite as full size, and what I mean by that is I'm not sure...
  4. How to delete vehicles?

    I have RPG Maker VX Ace I'm trying to make a moment in the game where I create a ship taking off, then switch over to inside of the ship so I can make a cutscene. When the ship is still taking off, I transfer the player to another map, which is the ship. But then the ship appears again when I...
  5. Character Speed not Changing

    I have RPG Maker VX Ace.  I read pretty much every post on these forums relating to character speed.  I tried using commands such as: Create Event>Set Move Route>Change Speed (I made sure it was on Player)>Speed: Normal.  So my issue is that I'm trying to create two different events on...
  6. Looping Speech Bubble?

    Hi, I hope that this is the right area to post this in. I'm trying to make a sidequest, and I really want to have a looping bubble with an exclamation mark animating above their heads. I'm using the "show balloon icon" script in the game. But it only shows up once then goes away as soon as I...
  7. Tileset Help? I want more in my game.

    I'm trying to make a full game, one that should last a few hours at the least. I bought 11 DLC packs today and I was looking forward to using some of them for my game. I wanted to add in some more tilesets but I noticed that you can only use 5 per project. I thought, "Hey, maybe I can replace...
  8. Intro re-runs after I save and exit?

    Hi, So I made an intro for my game and the event is set for autorun. I decided to save my game so then I can keep testing as I was progressing throughout the game. When I decided to make another region to go to, I entered an event that made me switch to the next region. But when I returned to...

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